Bitesize ethics: Human Enhancement

Bitesize ethics: Human Enhancement

This mini-series provides a short introduction to practical ethics, looking at some of the issues that concern philosophers and the public alike today.

Throughout history, human beings have tried to improve their abilities, whether through education, improving nutrition, or using external aids. In the 21st Century, biomedical technologies and artificial intelligence promise ways of enhancing our abilities in radical new ways. In this session, we will discuss the moral questions raised by human enhancements, including their implications for individual autonomy, the value of human achievements, and societal equality.

Jonathan Pugh is a Senior Research Fellow in Applied Moral Philosophy. He is the author of Autonomy, Rationality and Contemporary Bioethics (OUP 2020), and he has published a number of papers on the use of biomedical enhancement technologies and their implications for human values. His most recent work in the area has focused on the use of brain stimulation devices, and their regulation in sport.

Dr Jonny Pugh

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