Dr Jonathan Pugh

Journal Articles

  • Clarifying The Normative Significance of Apparent Personality Changes Following Deep Brain Stimulation

    PUGH, J
  • Neuro-stimulation, Doping, and The Spirit of Sport

    PUGH, J, Pugh, C
  • The United Kingdom’s Coronavirus Act, Deprivations of Liberty, and The Right to Liberty and Security of the Person

    PUGH, J
  • Considerations and methods for placebo controls in surgical trials (ASPIRE guidelines).

    Beard, DJ, Campbell, MK, Blazeby, JM, Carr, AJ, Weijer, C, Cuthbertson, BH, Buchbinder, R, Pinkney, T, Bishop, FL, Pugh, J, Cousins, S, Harris, IA
    et al
  • No going back? Reversibility and why it matters for deep brain stimulation.

    Pugh, J
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Books and Chapters

  • Autonomy, Rationality & Contemporary Bioethics

    PUGH, J
  • Partiality for Humanity and Enhancement

    Savulescu, J, Pugh, J, Kahane, G
    Edited by:
    Clarke, S, Savulescu, J, Coady, AJ, Giubilini, A, Sanyal, S
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