Dr Jonathan Pugh

Journal Articles

  • Brainjacking in Deep Brain Stimulation And Autonomy

    Pugh, J, Pycroft, L, Sandberg, A, Aziz, T, Savulescu, JULIAN
  • When Is Coercive Methadone Therapy Justified?

    D'Hotman, D, Pugh, J, Douglas, TM
  • Unexpected Complications of Novel Deep Brain Stimulation Treatments: Ethical Issues and Clinical Recommendations.

    Maslen, H, Cheeran, B, Pugh, J, Pycroft, L, Boccard, S, Prangnell, S, Green, AL, FitzGerald, J, Savulescu, J, Aziz, T
  • Deep Brain Stimulation, Authenticity and Value-CORRIGENDUM.

    Pugh, J, Maslen, H, Savulescu, J
  • Exercise prescription and the doctor's duty of non-maleficence.

    Pugh, J, Pugh, C, Savulescu, J
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Books and Chapters

  • Partiality for Humanity and Enhancement

    Savulescu, J, Pugh, J, Kahane, G
    Edited by:
    Clarke, S, Savulescu, J, Coady, AJ, Giubilini, A, Sanyal, S
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