Our Research

Public debate

We seek to raise public awareness and understanding of ethical issues throughout the United Kingdom and internationally. We do this through an active program of public lecturing, media comment and consultation with practitioners and public figures. Centre staff are active throughout the world lecturing, conducting workshops and engaging in public and media debate. Specialist ethical assessment and advisory services may be available on a consultative basis.

Our research program is highly interdisciplinary. We work closely with medical, law, politics, international relations and religious studies departments both within Oxford and internationally.

We research a broad range of topics in practical ethics and moral philosophy. Core areas of expertise include AI and Digital Ethics, Bioethics, Medical and Healthcare Ethics, Neuroethics and Human Enhancement. See Hot Topics section below for free resources (papers, audio and video links etc) on these and other research areas.

We would love to hear from you about the usefulness of our resources - if you have any comments please let us know by submitting your feedback (form at bottom of page).