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The Centre is committed to raising awareness of ethical issues in the broader community and stimulating debate in the public arena. To this end, the resources listed here are freely available to the public, and include journal articles and a growing selection of book chapters.  See below for links to other free materials.


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Giubilini, A., Savulescu, J., Douglas, T., Birkl, P. and Maslen, H., (2017), 'Taxing Meat: Taking Responsibility for One’s Contribution to Antibiotic Resistance', Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol: 30(2): 179-198 [PMC5837014]

Kappes, A., Faber, N. S., Kahane, G., Savulescu, J. and Crockett, M. J., (2018), 'Concern for Others Leads to Vicarious Optimism', Psychological Science, Vol: 29(3): 379-389 [PMC5858641]

Maslen, H., Cheeran, B., Pugh, J., Pycroft, L., Boccard, S., Prangnell, S., Green, A. L., Fitzgerald, J., Savulescu, J. and Aziz, T., (2018), 'Unexpected Complications of Novel Deep Brain Stimulation Treatments: Ethical Issues and Clinical Recommendations', Neuromodulation, Vol: 21(2): 135-143. [PMC5811790]


Douglas, T., Earp, B. D. and Savulescu, J., (2017), 'Moral Neuroenhancement'. in K. Rommelfanger and L. Johnson, (Eds.) Routledge Handbook of Neuroethics, PMC Bookshelf

Douglas, T., Pugh, J., Singh, I., Savulescu, J. and Fazel, S., (2017), 'Risk Assessment Tools in Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychiatry: The Need for Better Data', European Psychiatry, Vol: 42(May): 134–137. PMC

Douglas, T., (2017), 'Refusing to Treat Sexual Dysfunction in Sex Offenders', Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, 2017 January; 26(1): 143–158. PMC

Earp, B. D., Wudarczyk, O. A., Foddy, B. and Savulescu, J., (2017), 'Addicted to love: What is love addiction and when should it be treated? ', Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology, Vol: 24 (1): 77-92. PMC

Forsberg, L. and Douglas, T., (2017), 'Anti-Libidinal Interventions in Sex Offenders: Medical or Correctional?', Medical Law Review, Vol: 24(4): 453-473. PMC

Gyngell, C., Savulescu, J. and Douglas, T., (2017), 'The ethics of germline gene editing', Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol: 34(4): 498–513 PMC 

Lowe, G., Pugh, J., Kahane, G., Corben, L., Lewis, S., Delatycki, M. and Savulescu, J., (2017), 'How should we deal with misattributed paternity? A survey of lay public attitudes', AJOB Empirical Bioethics, Vol: 8(4): 234–242 [PMC5849225]

Paris, J., Ahluwalia, J., Cummings, B., Moreland, M. and Wilkinson, D., (2017), 'The Charlie Gard Case:  British and American Approaches to Court Resolution of Disputes over Medical Decisions', Journal of Perinatology, Vol: 37(21): 1268–1271 [PMC5712473]

Persson, I. and Savulescu, J., (2017), 'Moral Hard-Wiring and Moral Enhancement', Bioethics, Vol: 31(4): 286-295 PMC

Persson, I. and Savulescu, J., (2017), 'The Irrelevance of a Moral Right to Privacy for Biomedical Moral Enhancement', Neuroethics, (Freely available Brief Communication), Vol: TBC.

Pugh, J. and Maslen, H., (2017), ''Drugs That Make You Feel Bad’? Remorse-Based Mitigation and Neurointerventions', Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol: 11(3): 499-522. [PMC]

Pugh, J., Maslen, H. and Savulescu, J., (2017), 'Deep Brain Stimulation, Authenticity and Value', Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, Vol: 26(4): 640-657. [PMC]

Savulescu, J. and Schaefer, G. O., (2017), 'Better Minds, Better Morals: A Procedural Guide to Better Judgment', Journal of Posthuman Studies, Vol: 1(1): 26-43. PMC

Wilkinson, D. and Nair, T., (2017), 'Settling for second best: when should doctors agree to parental demands for suboptimal medical treatment?', Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol: 43(12): 831-840 [PMC5827708

Savulescu, J. and Schuklenk, U., (2017), 'Doctors Have No Right to Refuse Medical Assistance in Dying, Abortion or Contraception', Bioethics, Vol: 31(3): 162–170 PMC

Shepherd, J., (2017), 'The Moral Insignificance of Self‐consciousness', Eur J Philos., Vol: 25(2): 398-415. PMC

Shepherd, J., (2018/19 ), 'The Folk Psychological Roots of Free Will'. in D. Rose, (Ed.)   Experimental Metaphysics. (Bloomsbury Academic) NBK  

Wilkinson, D. and Nair, T., (2017), 'Settling for second best: when should doctors agree to parental demands for suboptimal medical treatment?', Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol: 43(12): 831-840.

Wilkinson, D., (2017). 'Conscientious Non-objection in Intensive Care', Cambridge Quarterly of Health Care Ethics, Vol:26(1): 132-142. PMC

Arora, C., Savulescu, J., Maslen, H., Selgelid, M. and Wilkinson, D., (2016), 'The Intensive Care Lifeboat: a survey of lay attitudes to rationing dilemmas in neonatal intensive care', BMC Medical Ethics, Vol: 17(1): 69. PMC

Bostrom, N., Douglas, T. and Sandberg, A., (2016), 'The Unilateralist’s Curse and the Principle of Conformity', Social Epistemology, Vol: online first

Earp, B. D. (2016). In defence of genital autonomy for children. Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 41, No. 3, 158-163. [open access]

Earp, B. D., & Frisch, M. (2016). Circumcision of male infants and children as a public health measure in developed countries: A critical assessment of recent evidence. Global Public Health, online first. [open access]

Earp, B. D., & Frisch, M. (2016). Problems in the qualitative synthesis paper on sexual outcomes following non-medical male circumcision by Shabanzadeh et al. Danish Medical Journal. Vol. 63, No. 7, A5245 [open access]

Earp, B. D. (2016). Infant circumcision and adult penile sensitivity: Implications for sexual experience. Trends in Urology & Men’s Health, Vol. 7, No. 4, 17-21. [open access]

Earp, B. D. (2016). What did the OSC replication initiative reveal about the crisis in psychology? BMC Psychology, Vol. 4, No. 28,1-19. [open access]

Faber, N., Savulescu, J. and Douglas, T., (2016), 'Why is Cognitive Enhancement Deemed Unacceptable? The Role of Fairness, Deservingness, and Hollow Achievements', Frontiers in Psychology, Vol: 19 February. PMC

Häusser, J. A., Leder, J., Ketturat, C., Dresler, M. and Faber, N. S., (2016), 'Sleep deprivation and advice taking', Scientific Reports, Vol: 6 (Article 24386). [open access]

Levy, N., (2016), 'Dissolving the Puzzle of Resultant Moral Luck', Review of Philosophy and Psychology,Vol: 7(1): 127-139. PMC

Persson, I. and Savulescu, J., (2016), 'Moral Bioenhancement, Freedom and Reason', Neuroethics, Vol: 9(3): 263-268. PMC

Pugh, J. and Douglas, T., (2016) 'Justifications for Non-Consensual Medical Intervention: From Infectious Disease Control to Criminal Rehabilitation', Criminal Justice Ethics, Vol: 35(3): 205-229. PMC

Pugh, J., Kahane, G., Maslen, H. and Savulescu, J.,'Lay Attitudes Towards Deception in Medicine: Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Evidence', AJOB Empirical Bioethics, Vol: 7(1): 31-38. PMC

Pugh, J., Kahane, G., and Savulescu, J., (2016), 'Partiality for Humanity and Enhancement' in S. Clarke, J. Savulescu, C. A. J. Coady, A. Giubilini and S. Sanyal, (Eds.) The Ethics of Human Enhancement: Understanding the Debate (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

Roache, R. and Savulescu, J., (2016), 'Enhancing Conservatism' in S. Clarke, J. Savulescu, C. A. J. Coady, A. Giubilini and S. Sanyal, (Eds.) The Ethics of Human Enhancement: Understanding the Debate (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

Porsdam-Mann, S., J, Sahakian, B. and Savulescu, J., (2016), 'Facilitating the ethical use of health data for the benefit of society: Electronic health records, consent and the duty of easy rescue', Philosophical Transactions A, Vol: 374(2083) PMC

Savulescu, J., (2016), 'Concise argument—wellbeing, collective responsibility and ethical capitalism', Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol: 42(6): 331-333. [freely available]

Schaefer, G. O. and Savulescu, J., (Online first), 'Procedural Moral Enhancement', Neuroethics, Vol: online first. [open access]

Shepherd, J., (2016), 'Conscious Action/Zombie Action', Noûs, Vol: 50(2): 419-444. PMC

Shepherd, J., (2016), 'Moral Conflict in the Minimally Conscious State'. in W. Sinnott-Armstrong (Ed.), Finding Consciousness: The Neuroscience, Ethics and Law of Severe Brain Damage. (Oxford: Oxford University Press) Europe PMC ref: NBK367592

Snoek, A., Levy, N. and Kennett, J., (2016), 'Strong-willed but not successful: The importance of strategies in recovery from addiction', Addictive Behaviors Reports, Vol: 4: 102-107. PMC

Terbeck, S., Savulescu, J., Chersterman, L. P. and Cowen, P. J., (2016), 'Noradrenaline effects on social behaviour, intergroup relations, and moral decisions', Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, Vol: 66(July): 54–60. PMC

Wartolowska, K., Savulescu, J. and Carr, J., (2016), 'Randomised placebo-controlled trials of surgery – ethical analysis and guidelines', Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol: 42(12). [open access]

Wilkinson, D., Barnett, C., Savulescu, J. and Newson, A. J., (2016), 'Genomic Intensive Care: Should we Perform Genome Testing in Critically Ill Newborns?', Archives of Disease in Childhood, Vol: 101(2): F94-F98. PMC

Wilkinson, D., Truog, R. and Savulescu, J., (2016), 'In favour of medical dissensus: why we should agree to disagree about end of life decisions', Bioethics, Vol: 30(2): 109-118. PMC4864446

Wilkinson, D., (2016), 'Ethical Dilemmas in Postnatal Treatment of Severe Congenital Hydrocephalus', Cambridge Quarterly of Health Care Ethics, Vol: 25(1). PMC4721233

Wilkinson, D., De Crespigny, L., Skene, L. and Savulescu, J., (Forthcoming), 'Protecting Future Children from In-Utero Harm', Bioethics, Vol: 30(6): 425-432 PMC4913745

Wilkinson, D., (2016), 'The grey zone in neonatal treatment decisions'. in R. McDougall, C. Delany and L. Gillam, (Eds.) When Doctors and Parents Disagree: Ethics, Paediatrics and the Zone of Parental Discretion. (Federation Press) NBK436917

Wittmann, M. K., Kolling, N., Faber, N. S., Scholl, J., Nelissen, N. and Rushworth, M. F. S., (2016), 'Self-other-mergence in frontal cortex during cooperation and competition', Neuron, 91, Vol: 91: 482–493 [open access]

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