Internal Seminars

Internal talks and seminars

The OUC Internal Research Seminars and Graduate Discussion Group Meetings provide an internal-only 'safe space' for OUC's post-doc Researchers, Academic Visitors and Students to present a finished paper, current work-in-progress (WiP) paper or ideas for a future paper to a peer-group.

Each seminar lasts approximately one hour, with the presenter introducing their paper/ideas for approx. 20 minutes, followed by approx. 40 minutes for questions and further discussion. The sessions are not recorded or made available to the public.

OUC staff, visitors, students and collaborators from Ethox and Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities are warmly invited to join these in-person talks at Littlegate House.

Practical Ethics and Law Lectures

Upcoming Practical Ethics and Law Lectures are listed below.

Colleagues from Philosophy, Ethox, WEH, Politics, Law, Sociology and Anthropology are warmly invited to join. 

Please direct enquiries to the convenor Dr Binesh Hass (Hosted Researcher, Oxford Uehiro Centre).