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Recent Publications

  • A Conception of Genetic Parenthood

    Douglas, TM, Devolder, K
  • Against the discarded-created distinction in embryonic stem cell research

    Devolder, K
    Edited by:
    Quigley, M, Chan, S, Harris, J
  • An Expected Value Approach to the Dual-Use Problem

    Douglas, TM
    Edited by:
    Selgelid, M, Rappert, B
  • Moral neuroenhancement

    Savulescu, J, Douglas, T, Earp, B
    Edited by:
    Johnson, S, Rommelfanger, K
  • Nonconsensual Neurocorrectives and Bodily Integrity: a Reply to Shaw and Barn

    Douglas, T
  • Refusing to Treat Sexual Dysfunction in Sex Offenders

    Douglas, TM
  • Regulating Genome Editing: For an Enlightened Democratic Governance

    Cavaliere, G, Devolder, K, Giubilini, A
  • Selecting against disability: The liberal eugenic challenge and the argument from cognitive diversity

    Gyngell, CA, Douglas, T
  • Stem Cell Research and Same-Sex Reproduction

    Douglas, TM, Harding, C, Bourne, H, Savulescu, J
    Edited by:
    Quigley, M, Chan, S, Harris, J
  • Taking Drugs to Help Others

    Douglas, TM
    Edited by:
    Edmonds, D
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