OUC joins DefaultVeg

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DefaultVeg is an international partnership between three organisations; The UK Food Plan, CreatureKind and The Better Food Foundation. Each partner shares the goal to change the way organisations think about and source their food.

In signing up to the initiative, OUC commits to provide plant-based food and drinks by default for all meetings and events that we host. Our menus will provide plant-based food and drink as the default option, while giving participants the choice to add or opt into meat and/or dairy options upon request.

Dr Katrien Devolder (OUC Senior Research Fellow and DefaultVeg Ambassador) says:

 “The Uehiro Centre is committed to examining, understanding, and addressing 21st Century ethical challenges, including the environmental, health, and animal welfare costs of industrial animal agriculture. We are therefore adopting DefaultVeg for all meetings and events hosted by the Centre. This commitment allows us to shift our purchasing power towards plant-based foods, while still preserving freedom of choice for every meal."

Further information

Read more on our DefaultVeg webpage

Katrien Devolder's blog post Oxford Uehiro Centre Goes DefaultVeg (11 October 2021)