Dr Katrien Devolder

Journal Articles

  • No Pain, No Gain? In Defence of Genetically Disenhancing (Most) Research Animals.

    Devolder, K, Eggel, M
  • Discriminatory Conscientious Objections in Healthcare: A Response to Ancell and Sinnott-Armstrong.

    Devolder, K
  • A conception of genetic parenthood.

    Douglas, T, Devolder, K
  • Regulating Genome Editing: For an Enlightened Democratic Governance.

    Cavaliere, G, Devolder, K, Giubilini, A
  • The epistemic costs of compromise in bioethics.

    Devolder, K, Douglas, T
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Books and Chapters

  • Stem Cell-Derived Gametes, Iterated In Vitro Reproduction, and Genetic Parenthood

    Douglas, TM, Devolder, K
  • Psychiatric Drugs and Religious norms

    Devolder, K
    Edited by:
    Edmonds, D
  • Cloning: arguments for

    Devolder, K, Gyngell, C
  • Complicity

    Devolder, K
  • The Ethics of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

    Devolder, K
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