Oxford Philosophy and Medicine Seminar: Ashley Kennedy

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Updated 5 January 2022

Diagnostic Justice

We hope to be able to offer the option of joining either in-person at Littlegate House (Suite 1 Seminar Room) or online via Zoom. If we are unable to hold in-person events, the seminar will take place online only.

Abstract: In this talk I will address the various uses of diagnostic testing that go beyond clinical patient care, including the promotion of public health via prevention strategies, as well as via clinical research trials. Further, I will tackle the question of what to do when diagnostic tests are scarce: I will argue that for the physician, testing allocations should be made, in the first instance, on the basis of the needs of the individual patient, and societal concerns should be considered to be secondary, but that for a medical researcher, on the other hand, the priority is reversed: when acquisition of knowledge is the primary goal, then considerations of individual patients and their care will necessarily be secondary.

This internal talk is for Oxford Uehiro Centre members and associates.

Joining via Zoom: Please email rachel.gaminiratne@philosophy.ox.ac.uk to request the Zoom links.

Booking for in-person attendance: In case we need to run at reduced capacity, please register to attend by email to rachel.gaminiratne@philosophy.ox.ac.uk so that we can track attendance numbers and keep you updated with any changes. Please also indicate if you don’t have Eduroam access.