Bitesize ethics: Reproductive decision making

Reproductive decision making

This is the second class of the 5-day mini-series of Bitesize ethics, which provides a short introduction to the study of practical ethics by looking at some of the issues that concern philosophers and the public alike today. You are welcome to book every
class or just drop in for your favourite topic.

In this bitesize ethics talk, we’ll discuss ethical issues raised by reproductive decision-making.

Once we have decided that we want to bring a child into the world, we have to make some tough decisions about the extent to which we want to control the traits our child is likely to have. Should we use reproductive technologies to avoid disease or disability
in our child? What if it’s a mild disability, or a disease that will only manifest itself late in life? What if we can choose for our child to have non-disease related traits that we believe may benefit the child?