Undercover Robot: My First Year As a Human

If super-high-tech android Dotty can spend an entire year masquerading as a twelve-year-old schoolgirl, she could win a multi-million-pound prize that will enable her creators to continue their ground-breaking work in the development of AI. Easy-peasy, right? As Dotty navigates the social expectations of Year 7 she gets into a series of hilarious scrapes, and encounters numerous ethical dilemmas both at school and at home. Then a boy in her class discovers there's a reward for outing the robot, and becomes intent on proving that Dotty is not who – or what – she says she is. To prevent herself from being discovered, Dotty needs to put into practice everything she has learned about being human. But will it be enough...?

Written by OUC's David Edmonds and Bertie Fraser, this five-star book is aimed at readers aged 9+.  Published by Walker Books.

Read review article by Keren David in The Jewish Chronicle (28 August 2020).

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