Dr Dean Hayden awarded Fulbright Scholarship

s200 dean hayden

We are very pleased to announce that Dr Dean Hayden (BMedSci, 2017) has been awarded a Fulbright Future Scholarship to study at Harvard University commencing 2021.  As a Fulbright scholar, Dean will study a Master of Public Health at Harvard University.  Inspired by the research undertaken with Professor Dominic Wilkinson for the BMedSci, he will investigate issues relating to the care of extremely premature infants in developing countries.

Over the past several years Dean has conducted research on the ethics of newborn resuscitation, specifically focusing on the question of how clinicians in resource-poor settings should triage and treat extremely preterm infants. Working with colleagues in the Philippines and the UK, Dean’s research has been incorporated into the development of the first National Consensus Guidelines on the resuscitation of preterm infants in the Philippines – the first guideline of its kind in any low or middle-income country.


He published a number of open access papers following his BMedSci at Oxford Uehiro Centre, including his work supporting the the development of a national guideline in the Philippines.


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