Practical Ethics and Responsibility Competition

"How am I responsible for the environment? Should there be limits on how we can punish people who do wrong? If very ill patients want to die, should doctors be held responsible if they help them? Who is responsible for the global spread of infectious diseases?" 

If these and other questions about our responsibilities towards each other, our planet and our future make you think, then this competition is for you!

At the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics we've been thinking about responsibility and how we can all do more to tackle some of the biggest ethical problems facing us today.

Send us a video to tell us about an ethical problem and how you think responsibility is involved. 

The best entries will be invited to the University of Oxford for our Ethics and Responsibility day, where you can take part in a debate, lots of opportunities to discuss ethics with our researchers, and a taste of University life. Oh and there’s a cash prize for the debate winners too!


Competition launch date: 26th September 2019
Closing date for video entries: 13th December 2019 
Video winners are announced: January 2020 
Ethics and Responsibility day: More information coming soon! 24th March 2020

For full details, including some free resources, terms and conditions etc, see competition page