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Constructing authentic decisions: proxy decision making for research involving adults who lack capacity to consent.

Shepherd, V, Sheehan, M, Hood, K, Griffith, R, Wood, F

An ethical algorithm for rationing life-sustaining treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Savulescu, J, Vergano, M, Craxì, L, Wilkinson, D

Are Generational Welfare Trades Always Unjust?

Veit, W, Savulescu, J, Hunter, D, Earp, BD, Wilkinson, D

Consent in the time of COVID-19.

Turnham, HL, Dunn, M, Hill, E, Thornburn, GT, Wilkinson, D

Using Individuals as (Mere) Means in Management of Infectious Diseases without Vaccines. Should We Purposely Infect Young People with Coronavirus?

Giubilini, A

The Regulation of Mitochondrial Replacement Techniques Around the World.

Cohen, IG, Adashi, EY, Gerke, S, Palacios-González, C, Ravitsky, V

Compulsory medical intervention versus external constraint in pandemic control.

Douglas, T, Forsberg, L, Pugh, J

Passport to freedom? Immunity passports for COVID-19.

Brown, RCH, Savulescu, J, Williams, B, Wilkinson, D

Tragic choices in intensive care during the COVID-19 pandemic: on fairness, consistency and community.

Newdick, C, Sheehan, M, Dunn, M

The Charlie Gard Case, and the Ethics of Obstructing International Transfer of Seriously Ill Children.

Wilkinson, D

The Internet as Cognitive Enhancement.

Voinea, C, Vică, C, Mihailov, E, Savulescu, J

Forever young? The ethics of ongoing puberty suppression for non-binary adults.

Notini, L, Earp, BD, Gillam, L, McDougall, RJ, Savulescu, J, Telfer, M, Pang, KC

The moral self and moral duties

Everett, JAC, Skorburg, JA, Savulescu, J

Correcting the Brain? The Convergence of Neuroscience, Neurotechnology, Psychiatry, and Artificial Intelligence.

Rainey, S, Erden, YJ

Burying our mistakes: Dealing with prognostic uncertainty after severe brain injury.

Graham, M

COVID-19 vaccine development: Time to consider SARS-CoV-2 challenge studies?

Schaefer, GO, Tam, CC, Savulescu, J, Voo, TC

Equality or utility? Ethics and law of rationing ventilators.

Savulescu, J, Cameron, J, Wilkinson, D

Utilitarianism and the pandemic.

Savulescu, J, Persson, I, Wilkinson, D

'Your country needs you': the ethics of allocating staff to high-risk clinical roles in the management of patients with COVID-19.

Dunn, M, Sheehan, M, Hordern, J, Turnham, HL, Wilkinson, D



Conscientious objection in healthcare: neither a negative nor a positive right


Why lockdown of the elderly is not ageist and why levelling down equality is wrong.

Savulescu, J, Cameron, J

Rationing in a Pandemic: Lessons from Italy.

Craxì, L, Vergano, M, Savulescu, J, Wilkinson, D

Balancing the duty to treat with the duty to family in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

McConnell, D

Beyond Money: Conscientious Objection in Medicine as a Conflict of Interests.

Giubilini, A, Savulescu, J

Clarifying the Normative Significance of 'Personality Changes' Following Deep Brain Stimulation.

Pugh, J

Drugs, genes and screens: The ethics of preventing and treating spinal muscular atrophy.

Gyngell, C, Stark, Z, Savulescu, J

Minority report: can minor parents refuse treatment for their child?

Turnham, HL, Binik, A, Wilkinson, D

Newborn care and life support: European Resuscitation Council COVID-19 Guidelines

Madar, J, Roehr, C, Ainsworth, S, Ersdal, H, Morley, C, Rüdiger, M, Skåre, C, Szczapa, T, te Pas, A, Trevisanuto, D, Urlesberger, B, Wilkinson, D
et al

Compensation and hazard pay for key workers during an epidemic: an argument from analogy.

McConnell, D, Wilkinson, D

Is withdrawing treatment really more problematic than withholding treatment?

Cameron, J, Savulescu, J, Wilkinson, D

Ethical road map through the covid-19 pandemic.

Fritz, Z, Huxtable, R, Ives, J, Paton, A, Slowther, AM, Wilkinson, D

Trust, trustworthiness and sharing patient data for research.

Sheehan, M, Friesen, P, Balmer, A, Cheeks, C, Davidson, S, Devereux, J, Findlay, D, Keats-Rohan, K, Lawrence, R, Shafiq, K

Neurostimulation, doping, and the spirit of sport

Pugh, J, Pugh, C

The Global Kidney Exchange programme - Authors' reply.

Singer, P, Minerva, F, Savulescu, J

Blockchain, consent and prosent for medical research.

Porsdam Mann, S, Savulescu, J, Ravaud, P, Benchoufi, M

Ectogestation ethics: The implications of artificially extending gestation for viability, newborn resuscitation and abortion.

Di Stefano, L, Mills, C, Watkins, A, Wilkinson, D

ICU triage in an impending crisis: uncertainty, pre-emption and preparation.

Wilkinson, D

Perinatal management of extreme preterm birth before 27 weeks of gestation: a framework for practice.

Mactier, H, Bates, SE, Johnston, T, Lee-Davey, C, Marlow, N, Mulley, K, Smith, LK, To, M, Wilkinson, D, BAPM Working Group

Recommendations in the face of uncertainty: should extremely preterm infants receive chest compressions and/or epinephrine in the delivery room?

Wilkinson, D, Marlow, N, Hayden, D, Mactier, H

Towards the assessment of quality of life in patients with disorders of consciousness.

Tung, J, Speechley, KN, Gofton, T, Gonzalez-Lara, LE, Graham, M, Naci, L, Peterson, AH, Owen, AM, Weijer, C

The United Kingdom’s Coronavirus Act, Deprivations of Liberty, and The Right to Liberty and Security of the Person


The Ethics of Creating and Using Human-Animal Chimeras


Virtue signalling is virtuous

Levy, N

The genetic crystal ball: new answers and new questions for infants with neuromuscular disorders and respiratory failure.

Wilkinson, D, Moore, G

Governing the Global Antimicrobial Commons: Introduction to Special Issue.

Hoffman, SJ, Savulescu, J, Giubilini, A, Kirchhelle, C, Rogers Van Katwyk, S, Weldon, I, Campus, B, Harrison, M, Maslen, H, McLean, A

Making Use of Existing International Legal Mechanisms to Manage the Global Antimicrobial Commons: Identifying Legal Hooks and Institutional Mandates.

Rogers Van Katwyk, S, Weldon, I, Giubilini, A, Kirchhelle, C, Harrison, M, McLean, A, Savulescu, J, Hoffman, SJ

The Ethics of Brain-Computer Interfaces

Edited by:
Gouveia, SS

Considerations and methods for placebo controls in surgical trials (ASPIRE guidelines).

Beard, DJ, Campbell, MK, Blazeby, JM, Carr, AJ, Weijer, C, Cuthbertson, BH, Buchbinder, R, Pinkney, T, Bishop, FL, Pugh, J, Cousins, S, Harris, IA
et al

Resuscitation of preterm infants in the Philippines: a national survey of resources and practice.

Hayden, D, Villanueva-Uy, ME, Mendoza, MK, Wilkinson, D

Sex selection and non-invasive prenatal testing: A review of current practices, evidence, and ethical issues.

Bowman-Smart, H, Savulescu, J, Gyngell, C, Mand, C, Delatycki, MB

When Thinking is Doing: Responsibility for BCI-Mediated Action.

Rainey, S, Maslen, H, Savulescu, J

Long-term Puberty Suppression for a Nonbinary Teenager.

Pang, KC, Notini, L, McDougall, R, Gillam, L, Savulescu, J, Wilkinson, D, Clark, BA, Olson-Kennedy, J, Telfer, MM, Lantos, JD

Rethinking the ethical principles of genomic medicine services.

Johnson, SB, Slade, I, Giubilini, A, Graham, M

Switching Tracks? Towards a Multidimensional Model of Utilitarian Psychology.

Everett, JAC, Kahane, G

Ethics Rounds: Long-term puberty suppression for a non-binary teen

Pang, KC, Notini, L, McDougall, R, Gillam, L, SAVULESCU, J, Wilkinson, D, Clark, BA, Olson-Kennedy, J, Telfer, MM, Lantos, JD

Exploring Models for an International Legal Agreement on the Global Antimicrobial Commons: Lessons from Climate Agreements.

Rogers Van Katwyk, S, Giubilini, A, Kirchhelle, C, Weldon, I, Harrison, M, McLean, A, Savulescu, J, Hoffman, SJ

Belie the belief? Prompts and default states

Levy, N

A Belmont Report for Animals?

Ferdowsian, H, Johnson, LSM, Johnson, J, Fenton, A, Shriver, A, Gluck, J

A Belmont Report for Animals?-Erratum.

Ferdowsian, H, Johnson, LSM, Johnson, J, Fenton, A, Shriver, A, Gluck, J

Bioconservatism, bioenhancement and backfiring.

Browne, TK, Clarke, S

Control and Ownership of Neuroprosthetic Speech

Maslen, H, Rainey, S

Drawing the line on in vitro gametogenesis.

Notini, L, Gyngell, C, Savulescu, J

Epistemic responsibility in the face of a pandemic.

Levy, N, Savulescu, J

Ethics, minimal harm and non-therapeutic research in newborns

Wilkinson, D

Ethics, minimal harm and non-therapeutic research in newborns.

Wilkinson, D

Experimental Philosophical Bioethics.

Earp, BD, Demaree-Cotton, J, Dunn, M, Dranseika, V, Everett, JAC, Feltz, A, Geller, G, Hannikainen, IR, Jansen, LA, Knobe, J, Kolak, J, Latham, S
et al

From Bodily Rights to Personal Rights

Edited by:
von Arnauld, A, von der Decken, K, Susi, M

Germline gene editing and the precautionary principle.

Koplin, JJ, Gyngell, C, Savulescu, J

Great minds think different: Preserving cognitive diversity in an age of gene editing.

Anomaly, J, Gyngell, C, Savulescu, J

Misuse of "Usual Care" in Emergency Care Research: A Call for Adapting Rules Governing Exception from Informed Consent (EFIC) Studies.

Cowan, E, Sahan, K, Sheehan, M

Positive or Negative? Consistency and Inconsistency in Claims of Conscience.

Wilkinson, DJ

Praiseworthiness and Motivational Enhancement: 'No Pain, No Praise'?

Maslen, H, Savulescu, J, Hunt, C

The relational threshold: a life that is valued, or a life of value?

Wilkinson, D, Brick, C, Kahane, G, Savulescu, J

The Surprising Truth About Disagreement

Levy, N

Worth living or worth dying? The views of the general public about allowing disabled children to die.

Brick, C, Kahane, G, Wilkinson, D, Caviola, L, Savulescu, J

Measuring the impact of participatory research in psychiatry: How the search for epistemic justifications obscures ethical considerations.

Friesen, P, Lignou, S, Sheehan, M, Singh, I

Skeletons in the closet: towards the dignified disposal of all human bones acquired for medical education.

Coman, J, Kelly, A-M, Savulescu, J, Craig, S

Infection Control for Third-Party Benefit: Lessons from Criminal Justice


Achievement and Enhancement

FORSBERG, L, Skelton, A

Sugar, Taxes, and Choice

Veliz, C, Maslen, H, Essman, M, Taillie, LS, Savulescu, J

Moral Limits of Brain Organoid Research.

Koplin, JJ, Savulescu, J

Newborns in crisis: An outline of neonatal ethical dilemmas in humanitarian medicine.

Schnall, J, Hayden, D, Wilkinson, D

Nudging Immunity: The Case for Vaccinating Children in School and Day Care by Default.

Giubilini, A, Caviola, L, Maslen, H, Douglas, T, Nussberger, A-M, Faber, N, Vanderslott, S, Loving, S, Harrison, M, Savulescu, J

The moral case for sign language education.

Bowman-Smart, H, Gyngell, C, Morgan, A, Savulescu, J

In defense of a conditional harm threshold test for paediatric decision-making

Wilkinson, D
Edited by:
GOOLD, I, HERRING, J, Auckland, C

Medical privacy and big data: A further reason in favour of public universal healthcare coverage

Edited by:
Campos, TC, HERRING, J, Phillips, AM

A roadmap for sustainably governing the global antimicrobial commons.

Van Katwyk, SR, Balasegaram, M, Boriello, P, Farrar, J, Giubilini, A, Harrison, M, Kieny, M-P, Kirchhelle, C, Liu, J, Outterson, K, Pate, MA, Poirier, M
et al

Designing and using incentives to support recruitment and retention in clinical trials: a scoping review and a checklist for design.

Parkinson, B, Meacock, R, Sutton, M, Fichera, E, Mills, N, Shorter, GW, Treweek, S, Harman, NL, Brown, RCH, Gillies, K, Bower, P

The ethics of the Global Kidney Exchange programme.

Minerva, F, Savulescu, J, Singer, P

No-Platforming and Higher-Order Evidence, or Anti-Anti-No-Platforming

Levy, N

Authority and the Future of Consent in Population-Level Biomedical Research.

Sheehan, M, Thompson, R, Fistein, J, Davies, J, Dunn, M, Parker, M, Savulescu, J, Woods, K

Genetic parenthood and causation: An objection to Douglas and Devolder's modified direct proportionate genetic descent account.

Palacios-González, C

Vaccination, Risks, and Freedom: The Seat Belt Analogy.

Giubilini, A, Savulescu, J

'It's a tough decision': a qualitative study of proxy decision-making for research involving adults who lack capacity to consent in UK.

Shepherd, V, Hood, K, Sheehan, M, Griffith, R, Wood, F

Generating the Evidence for Typhoid Vaccine Introduction: Considerations for Global Disease Burden Estimates and Vaccine Testing Through Human Challenge.

Meiring, JE, Giubilini, A, Savulescu, J, Pitzer, VE, Pollard, AJ

Nudging immunity: the case for vaccinating children in school and day care by default

Giubilini, A, Caviola, L, Maslen, H, al., E

An Objective Approach to Decisions to Withdraw or Withhold Life-sustaining Medical Treatment.

Savulescu, J, Cameron, J

Applying Brown and Savulescu: the diachronic condition as excuse.

Levy, N

Current controversies and irresolvable disagreement: the case of Vincent Lambert and the role of 'dissensus'.

Wilkinson, D, Savulescu, J

Data as a Cross-Cutting Dimension of Ethical Importance in Direct-to-Consumer Neurotechnologies.

Rainey, S, Bublitz, JC, Maslen, H, Thornton, H

From Awareness to Prognosis: Ethical Implications of Uncovering Hidden Awareness in Behaviorally Nonresponsive Patients.

Graham, M, Wallace, E, Doherty, C, McCann, A, Naci, L

Medically Unnecessary Genital Cutting and the Rights of the Child: Moving Toward Consensus.

Brussels Collaboration on Bodily Integrity

Neuroprosthetic Speech: The Ethical Significance of Accuracy, Control and Pragmatics.

Rainey, S, Maslen, H, Mégevand, P, Arnal, LH, Fourneret, E, Yvert, B

Response to Commentaries on 'Responsibility in Healthcare Across Time and Agents'.

Brown, RCH, Savulescu, J

Responsibility in healthcare across time and agents.

Brown, RCH, Savulescu, J

Time to rethink the law on part-human chimeras.

Koplin, JJ, Savulescu, J

'Small cost to pay for peace of mind': Women's experiences with non-invasive prenatal testing.

Bowman-Smart, H, Savulescu, J, Mand, C, Gyngell, C, Pertile, MD, Lewis, S, Delatycki, MB

Responsibility, prudence and health promotion.

Brown, RCH, Maslen, H, Savulescu, J

Antibiotic resistance as a tragedy of the commons: An ethical argument for a tax on antibiotic use in humans.

Giubilini, A

Compensation for cures: Why we should pay a premium for participation in 'challenge studies'.

Anomaly, J, Savulescu, J

Patient values informing medical treatment: a pilot community and advance care planning survey.

Milnes, S, Corke, C, Orford, NR, Bailey, M, Savulescu, J, Wilkinson, D

Speciesism, generalized prejudice, and perceptions of prejudiced others.

Everett, JAC, Caviola, L, Savulescu, J, Faber, NS

Subsidizing PGD: The Moral Case for Funding Genetic Selection.

Kemper, JM, Gyngell, C, Savulescu, J

The evolution of moral progress and biomedical moral enhancement.

Persson, I, Savulescu, J

Working for the Weekend Is Not Meaningful Work.

Graham, M, Weijer, C

From public preferences to ethical policy

Savulescu, J, Kahane, G, Gyngell, C

Protection by exclusion? The (lack of) inclusion of adults who lack capacity to consent to research in clinical trials in the UK.

Shepherd, V, Wood, F, Griffith, R, Sheehan, M, Hood, K

Genome editing, Goldilocks and polygenic risk scores.

Gyngell, C, Bowman-Smart, H, Savulescu, J

Moral reasons to edit the human genome: picking up from the Nuffield report.

Gyngell, C, Bowman-Smart, H, Savulescu, J

Online Masquerade: Redesigning the Internet for Free Speech Through the Use of Pseudonyms

Véliz, C

Punishing Wrongs from the Distant Past

Douglas, T

Three things digital ethics can learn from medical ethics

Véliz, C

Ethics management and responsible research and innovation in the Human Brain Project

RAINEY, S, Stahl, BC, Shaw, M, Reinsborough, M
Edited by:
Von schomberg, R


Wilkinson, D, Uy, MEV, Hayden, D, McTavish, J

Treating ambiguity in the clinical context: Is what you hear the doctor say what the doctor means?

Xafis, V, Wilkinson, D

Putting the luck back into moral luck.


Is the non-identity problem relevant to public health and policy? An online survey.

Doolabh, K, Caviola, L, Savulescu, J, Selgelid, MJ, Wilkinson, D

Aid Scepticism and Effective Altruism

Edited by:

Being Good in a World of Need: Some Empirical Worries and an Uncomfortable Philosophical Possibility

Temkin, LS
Edited by:

Being Good in a World of Uncertainty: A Reply to Temkin

Lechterman, TM
Edited by:

Each-We Dilemmas and Effective Altruism

Clark, M, Pummer, T
Edited by:

Medical Crowdfunding, Political Marginalization, and Government Responsiveness: A Reply to Larry Temkin

Liberman, A
Edited by:

Against Moral Responsibilisation of Health: Prudential Responsibility and Health Promotion.

Brown, RCH, Maslen, H, Savulescu, J

Are Free Will Believers Nicer People? (Four Studies Suggest Not)

Crone, DL, Levy, NL

History and Persons

Kahane, G

How should we treat human-pig chimeras, non-chimeric pigs and other beings of uncertain moral status?

Koplin, J, Wilkinson, D

Moral uncertainty and the farming of human-pig chimeras.

Koplin, J, Wilkinson, D

Patient and public involvement: Two sides of the same coin or different coins altogether?

McCoy, MS, Warsh, J, Rand, L, Parker, M, Sheehan, M

Should the Decisions of Institutional Review Boards Be Consistent?

Friesen, P, Yusof, ANM, Sheehan, M

Solidarity and Responsibility in Health Care.

Davies, B, Savulescu, J

Taking Responsibility for Responsibility.

Levy, N

Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink: Nudging is Giving Reasons.


Cardiac Surgeons Report Cards, Referral for Cardiac Surgery and the Ethical Responsibilities of Cardiologists

Clarke, S, Brown, D, Oakley, J

Irresponsibly Infertile? Obesity, Efficiency, and Exclusion from Treatment.

Brown, RCH

Public reason in justifications of conscientious objection in health care

McConnell, D, Card, RF

Enhancing Equality.

Giubilini, A, Minerva, F

Public attitudes towards genetically modified polled cattle

McConnachie, E, Hötzel, MJ, Robbins, JA, Shriver, A, Weary, DM, von Keyserlingk, MAG

Enhancing Equality

Giubilini, A, Minerva, F

A right to be unconscious.

Savulescu, J, Radcliffe-Richards, J

Achieving consensus advice for paediatricians and other health professionals: on prevention, recognition and management of conflict in paediatric practice.

Linney, M, Hain, RDW, Wilkinson, D, Fortune, P-M, Barclay, S, Larcher, V, Fitzgerald, J, Arkell, E

Informed consent for functional MRI research on comatose patients following severe brain injury: balancing the social benefits of research against patient autonomy.

Bruni, T, Graham, M, Norton, L, Gofton, T, Owen, AM, Weijer, C

Research involving adults lacking capacity to consent: a content analysis of participant information sheets for consultees and legal representatives in England and Wales.

Shepherd, V, Wood, F, Griffith, R, Sheehan, M, Hood, K

The Internet and Privacy

Edited by:
Edmonds, D

Knowledge From Vice: Deeply Social Epistemology.

LEVY, NEIL, Alfano, M

No Pain, No Gain? In Defence of Genetically Disenhancing (Most) Research Animals.

Devolder, K, Eggel, M

Addiction, Identity, Morality.

Earp, BD, Skorburg, JA, Everett, JAC, Savulescu, J

Biomedical Moral Enhancement - not a Lever without a Fulcrum

Persson, I, Savulescu, J

Demandingness and Public Health Ethics

Giubilini, A, Savulescu, J

Discriminatory Conscientious Objections in Healthcare: A Response to Ancell and Sinnott-Armstrong.

Devolder, K

No going back? Reversibility and why it matters for deep brain stimulation.

Pugh, J

The Case against Forced Methadone Detox in the US Prisons.

D'Hotman, D, Pugh, J, Douglas, T

The Equivalence Thesis: Why Timers Do Not Successfully Resuscitate the Acts/Omissions and Withdrawal/Withholding Debate.

Wilkinson, D, Butcherine, E, Savulescu, J

The Irrelevance of a Moral Right to Privacy for Biomedical Moral Enhancement

Persson, I, Savulescu, J

'Is it better not to know certain things?': views of women who have undergone non-invasive prenatal testing on its possible future applications.

Bowman-Smart, H, Savulescu, J, Mand, C, Gyngell, C, Pertile, MD, Lewis, S, Delatycki, MB

'Yes' to mitochondrial replacement techniques and lesbian motherhood: a reply to Françoise Baylis.

Palacios-González, C, Cavaliere, G

Parental Partiality and Future Children


Deep brain stimulation and revising the Mental Health Act: the case for intervention-specific safeguards.

Pugh, J, Aziz, T, Herring, J, Savulescu, J

Moral Bio-enhancement, Freedom, Value and the Parity Principle

Pugh, J

More Harm Than Good: Neurotechnological Thought Apprehension in Forensic Psychiatry.

Graham, M, Friesen, P

Rethinking Human Enhancement as Collective Welfarism.

Bavelier, D, Savulescu, J, Fried, LP, Friedmann, T, Lathan, CE, Schürle, S, Beard, JR

The duty to be morally enhanced.

Persson, I, Savulescu, J

Withdrawal Aversion and the Equivalence Test.

Wilkinson, D, Butcherine, E, Savulescu, J

Punishment as Moral Fortification and Non-Consensual Neurointerventions


Asbestos Neglect: Why Asbestos Exposure Deserves Greater Policy Attention

DOUGLAS, THOMAS, Van den Borre, L

The Human Brain Project: Responsible Brain Research for the Benefit of Society.

Salles, A, Bjaalie, JG, Evers, K, Farisco, M, Fothergill, BT, Guerrero, M, Maslen, H, Muller, J, Prescott, T, Stahl, BC, Walter, H, Zilles, K
et al

A universal right to pain relief: balancing the risks in a vulnerable patient population.

Moultrie, F, Shriver, A, Hartley, C, Wilkinson, D, Ewer, AK, Rogers, R, Adams, E, Slater, R

An ethical pathway for gene editing.

Savulescu, J, Singer, P

Behavioural discrimination of noxious stimuli in infants is dependent on brain maturation.

Green, G, Hartley, C, Hoskin, A, Duff, E, Shriver, A, Wilkinson, D, Adams, E, Rogers, R, Moultrie, F, Slater, R

Identification and management of neonatal hypoglycaemia in the full-term infant (British Association of Perinatal Medicine-Framework for Practice).

Levene, I, Wilkinson, D

A conception of genetic parenthood.

Douglas, T, Devolder, K

An Argument for Compulsory Vaccination: The Taxation Analogy

Giubilini, A

An Argument for the Intersectional Education of Those Working in International Humanitarian Medical Nongovernmental Organizations

Clavel-Vazquez, A, Palacios-Gonzalez, C

Biomarkers for the Rich and Dangerous: Why We Ought to Extend Bioprediction and Bioprevention to White-Collar Crime.

Zohny, H, Douglas, T, Savulescu, J

Can they Feel? The Capacity for Pain and Pleasure in Patients with Cognitive Motor Dissociation.

Graham, M

Conscientious objection in healthcare: How much discretionary space best supports good medicine?

McConnell, D

Due deference to denialism: explaining ordinary people's rejection of established scientific findings.

Levy, N

Hannah Arendt, Liberalism, and Freedom from Politics

Hiruta, K

Impartiality and infectious disease: Prioritizing individuals versus the collective in antibiotic prescription.

Dao, B, Douglas, T, Giubilini, A, Savulescu, J, Selgelid, M, Faber, NS


Hiruta, K

Procedural Moral Enhancement.

Schaefer, GO, Savulescu, J

Rapid Challenges: Ethics and Genomic Neonatal Intensive Care.

Gyngell, C, Newson, AJ, Wilkinson, D, Stark, Z, Savulescu, J

Regulating Genome Editing: For an Enlightened Democratic Governance.

Cavaliere, G, Devolder, K, Giubilini, A


Rainey, S

The Meaning of Life, Equality and Eternity.

Persson, I, Savulescu, J