Professor Neil Levy

Journal Articles

  • Are Free Will Believers Nicer People? (Four Studies Suggest Not)

    Crone, DL, Levy, NL
  • Knowledge From Vice: Deeply Social Epistemology.

    LEVY, NEIL, Alfano, M
  • Taking responsibility for responsibility.

  • Due deference to denialism: explaining ordinary people's rejection of established scientific findings.

    Levy, N
  • Showing our seams: A reply to Eric Funkhouser

    Levy, N
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Books and Chapters

  • Social Dimensions of Moral Responsibility

  • Divine Free Will

    Mawson, TJ
    Edited by:
    Timpe, K, Levy, N, Griffith, M
  • Persistent Vegetative State, Akinetic Mutism and Consciousness

    Davies, WH, levy, N
    Edited by:
    sinnott-armstrong, W
  • Naturalism and Free Will

    Levy, N
  • Neuroscientific threats to free will

    Shepherd, JL
    Edited by:
    Timpe, K, Griffiths, M, Levy, N
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