Professor Julian Savulescu

Journal Articles

  • The neural basis of intuitive and counterintuitive moral judgment.

    Kahane, G, Wiech, K, Shackel, N, Farias, M, Savulescu, J, Tracey, I
  • JME mach x: what will it offer you?

    Savulescu, J
  • The turn for ultimate harm: a reply to Fenton.

    Persson, I, Savulescu, J
  • Knowing when to stop: futility in the ICU.

    Wilkinson, DJC, Savulescu, J
  • Synthetic biology and the ethics of knowledge.

    Douglas, T, Savulescu, J
  • The value of sex in procreative reasons.

    Kahane, G, Savulescu, J
  • Clinician gate-keeping in clinical research is not ethically defensible: an analysis.

    Sharkey, K, Savulescu, J, Aranda, S, Schofield, P
  • The challenge of developmentally appropriate care: predictive genetic testing in young people for familial adenomatous polyposis.

    Duncan, RE, Gillam, L, Savulescu, J, Williamson, R, Rogers, JG, Delatycki, MB
  • Actualizable potential, reproduction, and embryo research: bringing embryos into existence for different purposes or not at all.

    Persson, I, Savulescu, J
  • Risky business: applying risk/benefit analysis consistently in entertainment ultrasound.

    De Crespigny, L, Douglas, T, Wilkinson, D, Savulescu, J
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Books and Chapters

  • A utilitarian approach

    Savulescu, J
  • Actualizable Potential, Reproduction and Embryo Research: Bringing Embryos into Existence for Different Purposes, or Not at All

    Savulescu, J, Persson, I
    Edited by:
    Holm, S
  • Autonomy and the Ethics of Behavioural Modification

    Savulescu, J, Persson, I, Douglas, T
    Edited by:
    Akabayashi, A
  • Enhancement and Wisdom in the 21st Century

    Savulescu, J
  • Fit for the Future? Modern Technology, Liberal Democracy, and the Need for Moral Enhancement

    Persson, I, Savulescu, J
  • Genetic Technology and Sport

    Tamburrini, C
  • Limits of religious tolerance

    Persson, I, Savulescu, J
    Edited by:
    Clarke, S, Powell, R, Savulescu, J
  • Neuroethics

    Foddy, B, Kahane, G, Savulescu, J
  • Practical Neuropsychiatric Ethics

    Foddy, B, Kahane, G, Savulescu, J
    Edited by:
    Fuford, B, Davies, M, Graham, G, Sadler, J, Stanghellini, G
  • Procreative Ethics

    Savulescu, J, Kahane, G
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