Dr Rebecca Brown

Journal Articles

  • Responsibility, prudence and health promotion.

    Brown, RCH, Maslen, H, Savulescu, J
  • Resisting Moralisation in Health Promotion

    Brown, RCH
  • Social values and the corruption argument against financial incentives for healthy behaviour.

    Brown, RCH
  • Reframing the Debate Around State Responses to Infertility: Considering the Harms of Subfertility and Involuntary Childlessness

    Brown, RCH, Rogers, WA, Entwistle, VA, Bhattacharya, S
  • Involving patients in their care

    Entwistle, VA, Brown, RCH, Morgan, HM, Skea, ZC
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Books and Chapters

  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Trauma Medicine

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