Dr Nadira Faber

Journal Articles

  • Utilitarianism for animals, Kantianism for people? Harming animals and humans for the greater good.

    Caviola, L, Kahane, G, Everett, JAC, Teperman, E, Savulescu, J, Faber, NS
  • Recognizing the Diversity of Cognitive Enhancements

    Veit, W, Earp, BD, Faber, N, Bostrom, N, Caouette, J, Mannino, A, Caviola, L, Sandberg, A, Savulescu, J
  • The effects of psychosocial stress on intergroup resource allocation.

    Schweda, A, Faber, NS, Crockett, MJ, Kalenscher, T
  • The Psychology of Existential Risk: Moral Judgments about Human Extinction.

    Schubert, S, Caviola, L, Faber, NS
  • Acute hunger does not always undermine prosociality.

    Häusser, JA, Stahlecker, C, Mojzisch, A, Leder, J, Van Lange, PAM, Faber, NS

Books and Chapters

  • Biological interventions for crime prevention

    Chew, C, Douglas, T, Faber, N
    Edited by:
    Birks, D, Douglas, T
  • Why less praise for enhanced performance? Moving beyond responsibility-shifting, authenticity, and cheating to a nature of activities approach

    Santoni de Sio, F, Faber, NS, Savulescu, J, Vincent, NA
    Edited by:
    Jotterand, F, Dubljevic, V
  • With cognitive enhancement comes great responsibility?

    Maslen, H, Santoni de Sio, F, Faber, N