Dr Nadira Faber

Email (until early September 2020) nadira.faber@gmail.com; then nadira.faber@philosophy.ox.ac.uk | Twitter: @nsfaber

Journal Articles

  • Speciesism, generalized prejudice, and perceptions of prejudiced others.

    Everett, JAC, Caviola, L, Savulescu, J, Faber, NS
  • Impartiality and infectious disease: Prioritizing individuals versus the collective in antibiotic prescription.

    Dao, B, Douglas, T, Giubilini, A, Savulescu, J, Selgelid, M, Faber, NS
  • The costs of being consequentialist: Social inference from instrumental harm and impartial beneficence.

    Everett, JAC, Faber, NS, Savulescu, J, Crockett, MJ
  • Sex differences in the effects of acute stress on behavior in the ultimatum game.

    Youssef, FF, Bachew, R, Bissessar, S, Crockett, MJ, Faber, NS
  • Uncertainty about the impact of social decisions increases prosocial behaviour.

    Kappes, A, Nussberger, A-M, Faber, NS, Kahane, G, Savulescu, J, Crockett, MJ
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Books and Chapters

  • Why less praise for enhanced performance? Moving beyond responsibility-shifting, authenticity, and cheating to a nature of activities approach (IN PRESS)

    Santoni de Sio, F, Faber, NS, Savulescu, J, Vincent, NA
    Edited by:
    Jotterand, F, Dubljevic, V
  • With Cognitive Enhancement Comes Great Responsibility?

    Maslen, H, Santoni de Sio, F, Faber, NS
    Edited by:
    Koops, B-J, Oosterlaken, I, Romijn, H, Swierstra, T, van den Hoven, J
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