Associate Professor Guy Kahane

Journal Articles

  • History and Persons

    Kahane, G
  • Uncertainty about the impact of social decisions increases prosocial behaviour.

    Kappes, A, Nussberger, A-M, Faber, NS, Kahane, G, Savulescu, J, Crockett, MJ
  • Beyond sacrificial harm: A two-dimensional model of utilitarian psychology.

    Kahane, G, Everett, JAC, Earp, BD, Caviola, L, Faber, NS, Crockett, MJ, Savulescu, J
  • Concern for Others Leads to Vicarious Optimism.

    Kappes, A, Faber, NS, Kahane, G, Savulescu, J, Crockett, MJ
  • “Beyond sacrificial harm: A two-dimensional model of utilitarian psychology”: Correction.

  • Disaster and debate

    Couto, A, Kahane, G
  • Supernatural Belief Is Not Modulated by Intuitive Thinking Style or Cognitive Inhibition.

    Farias, M, van Mulukom, V, Kahane, G, Kreplin, U, Joyce, A, Soares, P, Oviedo, L, Hernu, M, Rokita, K, Savulescu, J, Möttönen, R
  • How should we deal with misattributed paternity? A survey of lay public attitudes.

    Lowe, G, Pugh, J, Kahane, G, Corben, L, Lewis, S, Delatycki, M, Savulescu, J
  • Can Neuroscience Contribute to Practical Ethics? A Critical Review and Discussion of the Methodological and Translational Challenges of the Neuroscience of Ethics.

    Racine, E, Dubljević, V, Jox, RJ, Baertschi, B, Christensen, JF, Farisco, M, Jotterand, F, Kahane, G, Müller, S
  • If Nothing Matters

    Kahane, G
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Books and Chapters

  • If There is a Hole, it is Not God-Shaped

    Kahane, GM
    Edited by:
    Kraay, K
  • Understanding Procreative Beneficence: The Nature and Extent of the Moral Obligation to Have the Best Child

    Savulescu, J, Kahane, G
    Edited by:
    Francis, L
  • The Pregnant Man and Other Conceptual Surprises

    Kahane, GM
  • Partiality for Humanity and Enhancement

    Savulescu, J, Pugh, J, Kahane, G
    Edited by:
    Clarke, S, Savulescu, J, Coady, AJ, Giubilini, A, Sanyal, S
  • Lay Attitudes to Withdrawal of Treatment in Disorders of Consciousness and Their Normative Significance

    Savulescu, J, Kahane, G, Gipson, J
    Edited by:
    Sinnott-Armstrong, W
  • Is, Ought and the Brain

    Kahane, GM
    Edited by:
    Liao, SM
  • Pain, experience, and well-being

    Kahane, G
  • Intuitive and Counterintuitive Morality

    Kahane, GM
    Edited by:
    D'Arms, J, Jacobson, D
  • Bioethics and Utilitarianism

    Rhys Birks, D, Kahane, G, Savulescu, J
    Edited by:
    Crimmins, JE
  • Practical Neuropsychiatric Ethics

    Foddy, B, Kahane, G, Savulescu, J
    Edited by:
    Fulford, KWM, Davies, M, Graham, G, Sadler, J, Stanghellini, G, Thornton, T
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