Festival 2022

Join the Oxford Uehiro Centre and colleagues from across Oxford in exploring how to think critically about life in this public festival of practical ethics. The Festival of Arguments is free to take part in, and focusses on exploring today’s most pressing ethical dilemmas. Join us for walks, talks, debates, competitions, classes and more!

How to get involved

We look forward to launching the Festival of Arguments 2022 in the autumn. Events will be added as the details are finalised so please do check in again later to see more activities. You can keep in touch by joining the Festival's mailing list and following us on Facebook and Twitter. You may also be interested in the Festival spin-out series Thinking Out Loud - a podcast series that began in 2020 as part of the inaugural festival.

If you’re interested in putting on an event as part of the festival next year, or would like to suggest an event please email us. 

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Thinking Out Loud

The current focus of Thinking Out Loud is on Animals and Pandemics. Covid-19 is very likely a zoonotic disease, which means that it was transmitted from animals  to humans. Other dangerous infectious diseases, such as SARS, MERS, Ebola and HIV originated in animals too. In fact, of all emerging infectious diseases in humans, 75% are zoonotic. Joining Katrien Devolder are philosophers, scientists and other experts to discuss how we might prevent future pandemics. See all our TOL interviews on our YouTube channel playlist.

Episode 3: Factory farms are breeding grounds for pandemics! with Professor Aaron S. Gross (University of San Diego)

In this interview with Dr Katrien Devolder (University of Oxford), Professor Aaron S. Gross (University of San Diego) explains why factory farms are breeding grounds for pandemics, and what we, as individuals, can do to help end factory farming (even if we don't feel ready yet to become a vegan...)




Episode 2: Should we feed our pets a vegan diet?, with Dr Josh Milburn (Sheffield)

There are plenty of good reasons to avoid products from factory farms. We can change our own diets, but can we change that of our pets? We discuss the option of vegan pet food, pet food made from invertebrates, and in vitro meat (incl. in vitro human flesh!).

Episode 1:  How to prevent future pandemics, with Jeff Sebo (Professor of Environmental Studies at NYU)

Katrien and Jeff discuss factory farms as breeding grounds for pandemics, and the importance of considering human and animal health together.

Festival 2022

Preparations for the Festival of Arguments 2022 are underway! 

We are looking forward to seeing you in March 2022 for more talks, walks and experiences, all focused on practical ethics. 

Details of the events, and booking information will be available here once the Festival is launched in the autumn. If you have ideas, event proposals or suggestions for things you want to see at the Festival please email arguefest@philosophy.ox.ac.uk  

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