2024 Oxford-Bucharest Workshop in Practical Ethics

OUCs regular workshop with our colleagues in Bucharest’s Center for Research in Applied Ethics

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  • Mircea Dumitru: Parfit on identity and the separateness of persons

  • Mihaela Constantinescu: Responsibility gaps & LLMs - an organization focused approach

  • Anda Zahiu: Extending the realm of rights: posthoumous interests and digital persons

  • Dorina Patrunsu: Are AI technologies transhumanist? The problem of the "false apocalypse" and some intellectual confusions

  • Emilian Mihailov: Could Kant have been an effective altruist?

  • Cristina Voinea & Constantin Vică: The Dilemma of Desire: AI, VR, and Transgressive Fantasies

  • Lisa Forsberg: Difficulty, Achievement, and Perfectionist Value

  • Orsolya Friedrich & Samuel Pedziwiatr: Virtual reality in interactions between humans and machines

  • Brian Earp: Weight change and personal identity

  • Rebecca Brown & Katrien Devolder: Semaglutide for weight loss and the ethics of quick fixes


Refreshments and a vegan buffet lunch (with plenty of gluten-free options) will be provided for all attendees.


Email rachel.gaminiratne@philosophy.ox.ac.uk by Friday 17 May (required for catering).


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Center for Research in Applied Ethics

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