2022 Bucharest-Oxford Workshop in Practical Ethics

2022 Programme

Lecture Room, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford
Radcliffe Humanities Quarter, Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6GG

Refreshments and lunch will be served in the Colin Matthew Room on the Ground Floor. In line with our DefaultVeg commitment, all catering will be plant-based.

All talks will take place in the Lecture Room, Second Floor.

9:00               COFFEE/ WELCOME (Colin Matthew Room, ground floor)

9.15-9.55       Infant feeding and parental obligations, Ben Davies (Lecture Room, second floor)

9.55-10.35     On the (im)possibility of robots acting virtuously, Mihaela Constantinescu & Roger Crisp

10.35-10.50   BREAK

10.50-11.30   War and peace in the holobiont. The bioethical challenges of the microbiome, Constantin Vică

11.30-12.10   Reducing Global Catastrophic Biorisks: States' regulatory responsibilities, Tess Johnson

12.10-12.50   If you can do it for entertainment, you can do it for knowledge! Sacrificial dilemmas in VR, Anda Zahiu

12.50- 13.50  LUNCH

13.50-14.30   Three concepts of freedom for public health ethics, Alberto Giubilini

14.30-15.10   Motivational enhancement: from ancient technologies of the self to recent biotechnologies , Cristian Iftode

15.10-15.25   BREAK

15.25-4.05     How Honest is Public Health Communication? Reporting of Uncertainty and Effect Sizes, Becky Brown

4.05- 4.45      The role of identity-constituting narratives in recovery from addiction, Alexandra Zorilă

7.00               SPEAKERS' DINNER (Al Shami, 25 Walton Cres, Oxford OX1 2JG)