World Philosophy Day 2022

What is the biggest philosophical question for the 21st century?

For World Philosophy Day 2022, the Institute of Art and Ideas asked some leading philosophers “What is the biggest philosophical question for the 21st century?”

Contributors Noam Chomsky, Naomi Oreskes, Tommy Curry, Raymond Geuss, Lori Gruen, Hilary Lawson, Julian Savulescu, John Tasioulas, Raymond Tallis, Carissa Véliz, Bernardo Kastrup, Sophie Grace Chappell, and Joanna Kavenna give answers that touch on the urgent questions to do with the survival of humanity and the planet, as well as philosophy’s eternal questions on the nature of reality. 

In the online iai piece, Julian Savulescu tackles the question "What would constitute human moral bioenhancement?", John Tasioulas (OUC Distinguished Research Fellow) reflects on "How should one live?" and former OUC Research Fellow Carissa Véliz considers "How do we design and implement digital technologies in a way that they enhance wellbeing and protect human rights and the environment?"

Launched by UNESCO in 2005, World Philosophy Day is observed on the third Thursday of November each year. The day emphasises the significance and importance of philosophy and today's world. 


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