NEW Pandemic Ethics book - Open Access chapters now available

Savulescu, J., and Wilkinson, D., (Eds.) 2023, Pandemic Ethics: From COVID-19 to Disease X, (Oxford University Press)

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Wellcome Trust (Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities, grant WT203132) and Oxford University Press in making three chapters, together with the Introduction freely available.


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Oxford University Press

Professor Mike Parker: Ethical Hotspots in Infectious Disease Surveillance for Global Health Security Social justice and Pandemic Preparedness [NBK592677]

Professor Julian Savulescu: Ethics of Selective Restriction of Liberty in a Pandemic [NBK592680]

Professor Dominic Wilkinson: Pluralism and Allocation of Limited Resources: Vaccines and Ventilators [NBK592676]

Introductory Chapter, by Dominic Wilkinson & Julian Savulescu (PDF)

Introductory Chapter, read by Dominic Wilkinson (MP3)

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