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The Centre is committed to raising awareness of ethical issues in the broader community and stimulating debate in the public arena. To this end, the resources listed on these pages are freely available to the public, and include journal articles , our Journal of Practical Ethics and online lectures (MP3 and MP4).



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Please find below a selection of audio and videos from past Uehiro lectures, special lectures and lectures given by members of the Uehiro team.




Savulescu, J., (2013). The Need for Moral Enhancement, TEDxBarcelona,  (May) Video

Savulescu, J., (2013), Televised debate (Belgrade) between Savulescu and John Harris on human enhancement technologies on 15 May (in English)

Savulescu, J., (2013), Televised debate (Belgrade) on RTS on 14 May with Peter Singer on human enhancement technologies (in Serbian)

Sandberg, A, (2012), Interview for 'The What If Machine'. Available on GameSpot and YouTube, Anders comments ethical and practical issues of engineering 'super-soldiers' by genetically modifying humans.

Earp, B., (2013). The Ethics of Male Circumcision, Uehiro Seminar in Practical Ethics, Oxford (7 June) Audio  |  Video 


2012 Uehiro Lectures:

14 November 2012, Professor Janet Radcliffe Richards, Oxford Uehiro Lectures 2012: Sex in a Shifting Landscape Lecture One, (Merton College, Oxford)

21 November 2012, Professor Janet Radcliffe Richards, Oxford Uehiro Lectures 2012: Sex in a Shifting Landscape Lecture Two, (Merton College, Oxford)

28 November 2012, Professor Janet Radcliffe Richards, Oxford Uehiro Lectures 2012: Sex in a Shifting Landscape Lecture Three, (Merton College, Oxford)


16 March 2011, 'Relaxing the Ban on Doping'. Keynote speech at ‘Human enhancement - biotechnology in sports’ Conference organized by The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board in collaboration with Anti-Doping Norway. The primary focus of the conference was the use of gene doping, and the use of genetic screening for traits that are beneficial for sports athletes and it was for held for the benefit of athletes, scientists, trainers and the general public. Oslo, Norway


22 February 2010, Julian Savulescu presented at the 2nd St Cross Special Ethics Seminar at St Cross College in Oxford. The presentation, 'Unfit For Life: Genetically Enhance Humanity or Face Extinction', was devised by Professor Savulescu and Professor Ingmar Persson of the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics.


13 October 2009, Julian Savulescu - appears on 'Insight' (Australian broadcast t.v. programme), discussing genetic testing for various diseases and what people do with the information, involving various ethical and moral dilemmas.

4 October 2009, Julian Savulescu - 'Unfit For Life: Genetically Enhance Humanity or Face Extinction' presented at the Sydney Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Below are two talks given by Professors Julian Savulescu and Nick Bostrom at the Chancellor's Court of Benefactors: "Science, Humanities and Ethics" event held on 1st October 2009 at the Natural History Museum, University of Oxford.


Professor Julian Savulescu
"Bioliberation or Biothreat"

Professor Nick Bostrom
"Global Catastrophic Risks"

Bioliberation Video

GCR Video


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FHI and ISE are to produce more of these multi-media enhanced video lectures aimed at introducing those without a background in philosophy to the areas of our research. The lectures will incorporate relevant web-accessible media – journal articles, research reports, powerpoint presentations etc – which will be integrated into the video lecture, and will be made available to view on the relevant websites. Also available Professor Nick Bostrom's 'Global Catastrophic Risks'.

8 July 2009,Julian Savulescu on 'I want to be a Superhero', True Tube (educational videos online) videocast on human enhancement

26 June 2009, Julian Savulescu on 'Fitter, Faster, Future', True Tube (educational videos online) videocast on drugs in sport.