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The Centre is committed to raising awareness of ethical issues in the broader community and stimulating debate in the public arena. To this end, the resources listed on these pages are freely available to the public, and include journal articles , our Journal of Practical Ethics and online lectures (MP3 and MP4).



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The Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics was established in 2003 with the generous support of the Uehiro Foundation on Ethics and Education of Japan. It is an integral part of the philosophy faculty of Oxford University, one of the great centres of academic excellence in philosophical ethics.

Oxford is one of the world's great centres for philosophy. More than one hundred and fifty professional philosophers work in the University and its colleges, between them covering a vast range of subjects within philosophy.    read more...




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Robust Demands of the Good book cover

New Publication: 'The Robust Demands of the Good'

Based on the 2011 Uehiro Lectures, Philip Pettit's book for the Uehiro Series in Practical Ethics has just been published by OUP.

read more...                                                                      20 May 2015

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Award: Professor Roger Crisp receives Thank-Offering

Roger Crisp has been awarded the British Academy Thank-offering to Britain Fellowship for 2015-16.

read more...                                                                      11 May 2015

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Debate over latest 'designer babies' research

OUC Researcher Dr Chris Gyngell discusses genetically engineered babies in The Guardian

read more...                                                                      11 May 2015

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OUC research cited in Bioethics Commission Report

Several research papers have been cited in latest report by the The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues

read more...                                                                      20 Apr 2015


The Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics hosts scholars and students wishing to engage in research in practical and applied ethics as academic visitors. Applications are invited three times a year and are to be submitted at least one term in advance of the proposed dates of the visit. Further details here.



There are currently no vacancies.




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Bioliberation or Biothreat
Prof Julian Savulescu