Dr Stephen Rainey

Journal Articles

  • The Body Trade

  • "A Steadying Hand": Ascribing Speech Acts to Users of Predictive Speech Assistive Technologies.

    Maslen, H, Rainey, S
  • Accompanying technology development in the Human Brain Project: From foresight to ethics management

    Aicardi, C, Fothergill, BT, Rainey, S, Stahl, BC, Harris, E
  • The role of ethics in data governance of large neuro-ICT projects.

    Stahl, BC, Rainey, S, Harris, E, Fothergill, BT
  • Civil Society Organisations in Research: A Literature-Based Typology

    Rainey, S, Wakunuma, K, Stahl, B
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Books and Chapters

  • Governance Theory and Practice

    Rainey, S
  • Competing Methodologies

    Rainey, S
  • Ethical Governance of Emerging Technologies Development

  • Governance Theory and Practice

    Rainey, S
  • Transformation of Proceduralism from Contextual to Comprehensive

    Lavelle, S, Rainey, S
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