Dr Mark Sheehan

Journal Articles

  • Lack of clarity undermines proposed law to help people die

    Sheehan, M, Dunn, MC, Horn, R
  • Perceptual capacity and the good GP: invisible, yet indispensable for quality of care. British Journal of General Practice 55(521): 974-977

    Sheehan, MP
  • The Ethics of Rarity

    Sheehan, MP, Jessop, E
  • National Standards for Public Involvement in Research: missing the forest for the trees.

    McCoy, MS, Jongsma, KR, Friesen, P, Dunn, M, Neuhaus, CP, Rand, L, Sheehan, M
  • In defence of governance: ethics review and social research.

    Sheehan, M, Dunn, M, Sahan, K
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Books and Chapters

  • Metaethics, relativism and empirical bioethics

    Sheehan, M
  • Healthcare Resource Allocation: Balancing Principles and Practices for Dementia

    Sheehan, MP, Rand, L
    Edited by:
    Foster, C, Herring, J, Doron, I
  • Allocating Health Care Resources in the UK: Putting Principles into Practice

    Sheehan, M, Hope, T
  • Justice and the social reality of health: The case of Australia

    Sheehan, MP, Sheehan, PJ
  • European Textbook on Ethics in Research

    European Commission Science, EAS, Ethik, EKRMRU
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