Dr Mackenzie Graham

Journal Articles

  • Using neuroimaging to detect covert awareness and determine prognosis of comatose patients: informing surrogate decision-makers of individual patient results

    GRAHAM, MS, Doherty, CS, Naci, L
  • Using neuroimaging to uncover awareness in brain-injured and anesthetized patients

    GRAHAM, M, Owen, A, Weijer, C, Naci, L
  • Can they Feel? The Capacity for Pain and Pleasure in Patients with Cognitive Motor Dissociation

    Graham, M
  • Minimizing the Harm of Accidental Awareness Under General Anesthesia

    Graham, M, Owen, AM, Çipi, K, Weijer, C, Naci, L
  • Domains of Well-Being in Minimally Conscious Patients: Illuminating a Persistent Problem.

    Graham, M
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