Dr Adam Shriver

Journal Articles

  • A universal right to pain relief: balancing the risks in a vulnerable patient population.

    Moultrie, F, Shriver, A, Hartley, C, Wilkinson, D, Ewer, AK, Rogers, R, Adams, E, Slater, R
  • Behavioural discrimination of noxious stimuli in infants is dependent on brain maturation.

    Green, G, Hartley, C, Hoskin, A, Duff, E, Shriver, A, Wilkinson, D, Adams, E, Rogers, R, Moultrie, F, Slater, R
  • Recently introduced definition of “nociplastic pain” by the International Association for the Study of Pain needs better formulation

    Aydede, M, Shriver, A
  • Genetically Modifying Livestock for Improved Welfare: A Path Forward

    Shriver, A, McConnachie, E
  • The Asymmetrical Contributions of Pleasure and Pain to Animal Welfare

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Books and Chapters

  • The unpleasantness of pain for humans and other animals

  • The Unpleasantness of Pain for Nonhuman Animals

    Edited by:
    Andrews, K, Beck, J
  • Would the elimination of the capacity to suffer solve ethical dilemmas in experimental animal research?

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