MT18 WiP Seminar: Doug McConnell

Self-narrative and moral agency

Internal WiP:  Dr Doug McConnell

Date: Wednesday 17 October, 2.30 – 3.30pm

Venue: Oxford Martin School, Seminar Room 2

Title:  Self-narrative and moral agency

Abstract: There is a growing body of work in developmental and social psychology that suggests that the moral aspects of people's self-concepts have a greater impact on whether they act morally than their capacities for moral reasoning or empathy. I investigate the ways in which a theory of narrative self-constitution might contribute to this field. I argue that the details of an individual's self-narrative can help explain that individual's particular moral strengths and weaknesses. The dynamics of self-narrative change also have implications for the practices of moral education and moral enhancement. For example, we shouldn't expect adults to make large moral improvements quickly because much of the content of established self-narratives can only be changed with extensive time and effort.

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