International Conference and Oxford Summer School in Philosophy and Psychiatry

International Conference in Philosophy and Psychiatry and Oxford Summer School in Philosophy and Psychiatry

Two linked events for philosophers, scientists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, and service users. 

1. International Conference in Philosophy and Psychiatry
A one-day conference featuring international keynote speakers and short presentations from graduate students and recent post-doctoral researchers.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers and Topics for the 2019 Conference:

Louis Sass on Three Dangers: Phenomenological Reflections on the Psychotherapy of Psychosis
Shaun Gallagher on The 4As (Affect, Agency, Autonomy,  Affordance), Self and Psychopathology
Gwen Adshead on Psychotherapy with Offenders: Feeling Better or Behaving Better?
Josef Parnas on What Can Phenomenology Do to Help Psychiatry Out of Its Current Crisis: Practical Considerations

2. Oxford Summer School in Philosophy and Psychiatry
An interactive, two-day summer school delivered by experts in the field with guest lectures and seminars. Sessions will consist of presentations by seminar leaders, and collaborative talks providing opportunities for substantial dialogue between philosophers, clinicians, scientists and others.

Confirmed Summer School Tutors and Topics:

Psychiatry, Phenomenology, and Qualitative Research
Dan Zahavi (University of Oxford)
Anna Bortolan (University of Aberdeen)
Anthony Fernandez (University of Oxford)

Adaptive Responses to Childood Maltreatment
Matt Parrott (University of Birmingham)
Charlotte Cecil (King's College London)

Expertise by Experience
Julie Repper (University of Nottingham and Director of ImROC)

Risk Management and Clinical Autonomy
Matt Burch (University of Essex)
Neil Armstrong (University of Oxford)

Environmental Interventions in Mental Health
Joel Krueger (University of Exeter)
Edward Harcourt (University of Oxford)

Julie Nordgaard (University of Copenhagen)
Matthew Ratcliffe (University of York)

The events will be led by members of the Oxford Faculty of Philosophy: Dan Zahavi; Edward Harcourt; Anita Avramides; Bill Fulford.

Dates and Fees: 

Conference only: 20 July: £170.00
Summer School and Conference (non-residential): 18-20 July: £1220.00
Summer School and Conference (residential): 17-21 July: £1730.00
Summer School only (non-residential): 18-19 July: £1050.00
Summer School only (residential): 17-19 July: £1450.00
Conference drinks and dinner - 20 July: £42.00


Venue: Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford, Rewley House, 1 Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JA

Enquiries: | +44 (0)1865 286945