Internal WiP Seminar: Dr Jon Pike

"Mechanical Doping" and the Individuation of Sports: towards an Essentialist Account

Most discussion of both doping in particular and the value of sport in general is premised on some form of conventionalism. In this paper I discuss the significance of the 2016 case of Femke van Den Driessche, a Belgian cyclist caught with a hidden electric motor. I use this case to motivate an anti-conventionalist account of the individuation of sports. Drawing on ecological psychology and affordance theory, I want to suggest that many sporting distinctions are given, rather than constructed or agreed. If this is correct, it has implications for the debate about doping, para-athletics, and the metaphysics and normativity of sport more generally. This talk will draw on, but extend Doping, “Mechanical Doping” and Local Essentialism in the Individuation of Sports in Ethics in Sport ed. Morgan 2018 (Human Kinetics)

Booking:  Internal only, booking not required