Internal WiP: Dr Cristoph Bublitz

Seminar Room 2, Oxford Martin School, Broad Street, Oxford.

Title: Does the psychology of rights have normative implications?

Abstract: Recent interdisciplinary work in moral and legal philosophy has highlighted interesting parallels between psychological structures and elements of normative systems, especially right-based ones such as the law. Mikhail argues that humans possess a “universal moral grammar” which is expressed in legal categories and norms. Kar suggests that humans possess distinct psychological “capacities to cognize and respond to rights” (“obligata”). Drawing on his already classic work on dual-process operations of the mind and emotional involvement in decision-making, Joshua Greene, by contrast, seems to suggest that rights as entities should be dismissed because “rights are rationalizations”, grounded in misleading and fallible intuitions. The talk seeks to explore what the normative implications of these findings, provided they are empirically correct, might be, with a special focus on the law. 

Booking:  Internal only, booking not required.