Internal Research WiP: Dr Ben Davies

Arbitrariness and Equivalence


Abstract:  A very common way of arguing for conclusions in practical ethics are via appeals to arbitrariness and/or equivalence. I do not reject the general force either of the appeal to arbitrariness or equivalence. Rather, my suggestion is that in both cases we need to be careful about the use of such appeals, for neither is as straightforward as they may seem.

Bio: Ben is a postdoctoral research fellow and Primary Investigator on the Wellcome Trust-funded project: 'Best interests and sufficient benefit: The ethics of hard decisions in healthcare', which considers the idea of 'sufficiency' in the context of healthcare. 

Other research interests include the philosophy of death and dying, animal ethics, and well-being. Ben's PhD is from King's College London, and he previously held teaching positions at the University of Leeds, and Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. At the Uehiro Centre he has been involved in several public engagement projects with pre-university students, including the Centre's Practical Ethics and Responsibility competition for schools

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