Bucharest Oxford WiP Workshop 2018


13:00     Opening Speech
13:05     Mircea Dumitru, What do we know, when one knows an ethical norm, and how?
13:30     Emanuel Socaciu & Radu Uszkai, Should libertarians be comfortable with compulsory vaccination? 
13:55     Alberto Giubilini,  Antibiotic resistance and taxation
14:20     Stephen Rainey, 'Vicarious liability and neuroprosthetic speech devices using statistical language models'
14:45     Cristian Iftode,’'Experimental' Authenticity and the Challenge of Human Enhancement
15:30     Julian Savulescu, Meaning of Life
15:55     Cristina Voinea, Moral responsibilities of information intermediaries
16:20     Carissa Veliz, Digital Scarlet Letters, The Ethics of Online Public Shaming 
16:45     Emilian Mihailov, Should we trust psychopaths’ moral judgement?
17:05     Closing Speech
17:10     REFRESHMENTS- ahead of the public lecture below

Followed by Professor Hank Greely's Public Lecture 'Playing With Life' (separate booking required).

Venue:  Oxford Martin School, Seminar Room 1.

Booking:  Internal only but registration is required. Password-protected booking at https://bookwhen.com/uehiro

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