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1 Sep 2022

The Epistemic Autonomy project, a collaboration between the universities of Oxford and Glasgow, was launched with the support of the Arts and Humanities Research Council. 

This project will lead to a better understanding of autonomy and thereby a better justified account of the constraints that autonomy places on nudges and allied interventions. 


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The project's working papers and publications will be collated here. 


Allen, J., Earp, B., Wilkinson, D. and Koplin, J., (forthcoming 2023), 'Consent-GPT: Is it ethical to delegate procedural consent to conversational AI?', Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol: online first 28 October 2023

Brown, R. and De Barra, M., (2023), 'A taxonomy of non-honesty in public health communication', Public Health Ethics Vol: 16(1): 86-101
Levy, N., (accepted), 'Believing in shmeliefs', Ergo
Levy, N., (forthcoming), 'Against Intellectual Autonomy: Social Animals need Social Virtues', Social Epistemology, Vol: online Feb 2023 

Levy, N., (forthcoming 2023/24), 'Too humble for words', Philosophical Studies, Vol: online 11 Sept 2023