Richard Holton YouTube Interviews

In a series of three videos, Dr Katrien Devolder (Philosophy, Oxford) interviews Professor Richard Holton (Philosophy, Cambridge) about his 2018 Uehiro Lectures.

In this first interview, he argues that  those interacting with people suffering from dementia have an important role to play in buttressing their identity. He also discusses the implications of his views for the role of family and friends in medical decision-making for those with dementia, and for the thorny ethical question of whether doctors should respect their advance directives.

In this interview, Professor Richard Holton discusses what addiction is and presents one promising route for tackling it.

What is psychosomatic Illness? Is it the same as saying the illness is 'all in the mind'? How should we approach psychosomatic illness? In this interview Professor Richard Holton discusses these and other questions regarding psychosomatic illness.