Latest YouTube Interview: Peter Singer

In this interview with Katrien Devolder (University of Oxford), Prof. Peter Singer (Princeton and Melbourne Universities) defends the Global Kidney Exchange (GKE) programme, which matches donor–recipient pairs across high-income, medium-income, and low-income countries. The GKE has been accused of being a form of organ trafficking, exploiting the poor, and involving coercion and commodification of donors.  Peter Singer refutes these claims, and argues that the GKE promotes global justice and reduces the potential for people in need of kidneys in low-income and medium-income countries to be exploited. 

This interview follows the publication of a paper by Francesca Minerva, Julian Savulescu and Peter Singer 'The ethics of the Global Kidney Exchange programme', available online at The Lancet (note this version requires subscription, free preprint version to follow).