Rebecca Brown on incentivising healthy behaviour

Should we pay individuals to quit smoking or lose weight?

Does paying individuals to achieve healthy behaviour amount to coercion? Does it corrupt the intrinsic value of healthy behaviour? Is it unfair  to those who already lead healthy life styles and thus don't receive any rewards? In this video interview (with Katrien Devolder),  Dr Rebecca Brown from the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics responds to these and other concerns and defends the use of financial incentives as a tool for health promotion.


The Practical Ethics Video Series makes the most important and complex debates in practical ethics accessible to a wide audience through brief interviews with high profile philosophers in Oxford. In the series, Katrien Devolder interviews Carissa Véliz, Thomas Douglas, Dominic Wilkinson, Walter Sinnott Armstrong, Jeff McMahan and others on topics such as conscientious objection in medicine, war, privacy, neurointerventions, moral AI.