Focus on AI and digital ethics

Data is increasingly fueling the economy, politics, and everyday life. Our financial transactions, movements, communications, relationships, and interactions with governments and businesses all generate data that is being collected, stored, sold, bought, and acquired through other means by data brokers, governments, and corporations interested in profiling individuals. As data sets grow to become Big Data, and as artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated in collecting and analysing data, the opportunities ahead seem infinite. From climate science to healthcare and policing, AI could significantly enhance our problem-solving capacities. The risks, however, are also great, as the information being handled about individuals is sometimes extremely sensitive. Governments and companies need to address a number of ethical questions and find methods to capitalise on information while designing best practices in order to respect people's privacy and maintain their trust. 

Dr Hannah Maslen and Dr Carissa Véliz are currently working on ethical issues revolving around the development of AI, and the collection and management of data.

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