COVID-19: Pandemic Ethics

COVID-19: Pandemic Ethics

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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to critical shortages of life-saving resources, restrictions on liberty for the protection public health, and enormous pressure to quickly produce vaccines. Our research on the ethics of the different phases of the pandemic helps develop strategies for resource allocation, infection control, and research ethics that are ethically and legally justified.

This is a selection of our key articles. A full list is available on our hot topics page Pandemic Ethics.

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Response to Department of Health and Social Care consultation on ‘Making vaccination a condition of deployment in older adult care homes’
Dr Isra Black (University of York) and Dr Lisa Forsberg (University of Oxford)
Link to written evidence:  PDF
Link to Consultation: (14 April 2021)

Written evidence to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee on 'Covid 19 Vaccine Certification'
Dr Lisa Forsberg (University of Oxford), Dr Isra Black (University of York), Professor Thomas Douglas (University of Oxford)
Link to written evidence:  PDF
Call for evidence: (23 March 2021)

Written evidence from Dr Lisa Forsberg, Dr Melanie Collard, Dr Isra Black, Dr Henrique Carvalho and Dr Anastasia Chamberlen (COV0004)
'COVID-19 and the criminal law' (21 April 2021)
Link to written evidence: COV0004 - Covid-19 and the criminal law
Link to report:

Written evidence from Dr Jonathan Pugh, Dr Lisa Forsberg, and Dr Thomas Douglas (COV0255)
'Restrictions of Liberty in Public Health, Medical Treatment, and Human Rights in The COVID-19 Pandemic'
Link to report:

Written evidence from Dr Lisa Forsberg, Dr Isra Black, Dr Thomas Douglas, Dr Jonathan Pugh (COV0220)
'Compulsory vaccination for Covid-19 and human rights law'
Link to report:

Written evidence from the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities (COV0156)
On maintaining public health whilst upholding human rights 
Contributors from OUC include Dr Jonathan Pugh, Dr Stephen Rainey and Joseph Nguyen
Link to report:

Written evidence from Dr Stephen Rainey (LBC0005)
'Following the Science: to emergency governance, and back again'
Link to report:

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