An Illustrated Essay: Our Cosmic Insignificance

Berlin-based graphic designer Zoe Spurgeon recently completed a project based on Guy Kahane's Wellcome-funded open access article 'Our Cosmic Insignificance'.  With this work, Zoe seeks to explore sense of self against the incomprehensible size of the universe.

Kahane, G., (2014), 'Our Cosmic Insignificance', Nous, Vol: 48(4): 745–772 [PMC4340547]

Excerpt from an online piece in It's Nice That, "Zoe tells us that “I found this essay when I was researching for another project – the essay had such rich visual metaphors that put some things I was feeling into a context I could understand.” The outcome was an illustrated essay “filled with motifs of ephemerality and change,” including phases of the moon, changing sky, sand-timers “and even skin.” In creating a visual tapestry, Zoe sews together the essay alongside the feelings she had encountered whilst reading it. In doing so, she strikes the “balance between being and becoming, and ultimately the inevitability of change.”"  Read the full interview here.