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Current Supervised Visiting Students

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Our supervised visiting student programmes:

  • Oxford-Uehiro-St Cross Visiting Student Scholarship
  • Monash University BMedSci Students - Practical Ethics Electives


Satomi Abe.  Oxford Uehiro/St Cross visiting scholar

Satomi_Abe_PhotoSatomi Abe is a graduate student at Kyoto University graduate school of letters, department of ethics.
She studies meta-ethics, especially “reasons” and “normativity”.
Her main interests in the field of practical ethics include the issues around “death”. Her subjects are wide-ranging and diversified: “What is bad about death?”; “How we should treat human dead body?”; “Conscientious objection on euthanasia”; and “Should animal taxidermy be ethically permitted?”.

Kanako Takae, Oxford Uehiro/St Cross visiting scholar

kanako_takae_websiteKanako Takae is a doctoral student at University of Tokyo, Japan.
She holds a BA from Denison University in philosophy with minor in physics, and completed a MA in University of Tokyo.
She is currently working on her thesis, focusing on animal ethics.
In particular, she is interested in ethical issues surrounding various forms of technological interventions on domesticated animals.