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Current Supervised Visiting Students

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Our supervised visiting student programmes:

  • Oxford-Uehiro-St Cross Visiting Student Scholarship
  • Monash University BMedSci Students - Practical Ethics Electives


Satomi Abe.  Oxford Uehiro/St Cross visiting scholar

Satomi_Abe_PhotoSatomi Abe is a graduate student at Kyoto University graduate school of letters, department of ethics.
She studies meta-ethics, especially “reasons” and “normativity”.
Her main interests in the field of practical ethics include the issues around “death”. Her subjects are wide-ranging and diversified: “What is bad about death?”; “How we should treat human dead body?”; “Conscientious objection on euthanasia”; and “Should animal taxidermy be ethically permitted?”.

Bernadine Dao

bernadine_dao_websiteHaving completed her third year of medicine at Monash University, Bernadine joined the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics to undertake her Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSc). Under the supervision of Prof Julian Savulescu, Dr Thomas Douglas, Dr Alberto Giubilini and Prof Michael Selgelid, she is currently undertaking research in bioethics with particular focus on the ethical issues surrounding antimicrobial resistance.

Thomas Goodwin

TomGoodwin_Photo_websiteHaving completed four years of a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at Monash University in Australia, Tom will be completing a Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSc) under Professor Julian Savulescu, Professor Michael Selgelid and Dr Christopher Gyngell. Tom will be looking at the ethics behind gene editing, genetic selection and enhancement and the implications of new reproductive technologies. His other interests include economics, politics and distributive justice. 

Dean Hayden

dean_photo_uehiro_websiteDean Hayden is an undergraduate student completing a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. He has completed a Diploma of Liberal Arts with a major in Political Science, and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSc) in Bioethics at the Uehiro Centre under the supervision of Professor Dominic Wilkinson. The focus of his research will be in resource allocation for resuscitation of extremely preterm infants in low and middle-income countries. He also holds a strong interest in animal welfare and the Effective Altruism movement.

Charlotte O'Leary

Charlotte O'LearyCharlotte has completed four years of a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at Monash University in Australia, and is now taking a Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSci) in Bioethics at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics under Dr Jonathan Pugh and Dr Hannah Maslen. Her area of research is risk and decision theory in dual use and gain of function research and the ethical implications for public health and policy. Other areas of interest include global health (including policy, health systems improvement and addressing social and environmental determinants of health) and music.

Jack Skeggs

Jack_Skeggs_websiteJack is medical student from Australia who has completed the first 3 years of his Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree and Diploma of Philosophy at Monash University before joining the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics to undertake a BMedSc(Hons) under Prof. Julian Savalescu and Dr. Guy Kahane. His focus is on the moral distinction between acts and omissions, why we intuit it and what relevance it has or should have to medical policy, in particular its implications for collective responsibility for infectious disease. His other areas of interest include Effective Altruism and existential risk.

Kanako Takae, Oxford Uehiro/St Cross visiting scholar

kanako_takae_websiteKanako Takae is a doctoral student at University of Tokyo, Japan.
She holds a BA from Denison University in philosophy with minor in physics, and completed a MA in University of Tokyo.
She is currently working on her thesis, focusing on animal ethics.
In particular, she is interested in ethical issues surrounding various forms of technological interventions on domesticated animals.