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Current DPhil Students

Gulzaar Barn

Gulzaar Barn

Gulzaar Barn is a DPhil student in Philosophy, at Mansfield College, Oxford. Prior to joining Oxford, she completed an undergraduate degree in Philosophy at the University of Manchester (2011), and an MA in Legal and Political Theory at UCL (2012). Her primary philosophical interests lie in social, political, and moral philosophy. Her DPhil research is concerned with the theorisation of exploitation and coercion in matters of applied ethics, and is funded by the Wellcome Trust, under the Society and Ethics Doctoral Studentship scheme.

Joao Fabiano 

Joao Fabiano

Joao is reading for a DPhil in philosophy at St Cross College. His research focuses on analysing possible severe long-term risks(e.g. existential risks) of moral enhancement, and thus finding out safe paths for performing it. Could there be a slippery slope effect where one small improvement in our morality would necessarily lead to many other unwanted changes? Is just one simple straightforward improvement in morality(e.g. increasing cooperation) safe? Could we create a future without moral value by performing many iterations of moral enhancement? Moreover, and to help answer those questions, he is also looking into social simulations as a way of modelling the spread of moral enhancement. Joao has done a MPhil and undergrad degree in philosophy at University of Sao Paulo and did research in 2-D semantics, cognitive enhancement, cognitive bias, trolley problems and experimental psychology.

Areti Theofilopoulou

AretiAreti is a DPhil student at St Cross College, supervised by Prof. Julian Savulescu. She graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with an MSc in Political Theory, where she conducted research on luck egalitarianism and genetic engineering. Prior to that, she had completed a BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Warwick. Her DPhil research concerns bioethics in pluralist societies; in particular, she plans to examine abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering and organ sales. Her further interests include the debate on perfectionism and anti-perfectionism, justice in upbringing, and political legitimacy.

Carissa Véliz

Carissa Veliz

Carissa Véliz is a DPhil student in Philosophy at Christ Church, Oxford. Prior to joining Oxford she completed an undergraduate degree in Philosophy at the University of Salamanca and an MA at the City University of New York’s Graduate Centre. She works in moral and political philosophy. More specifically, she is interested in how habits influence moral and political life. Among other topics, she is also interested in the role of consent in violations of privacy, and in issues related to global justice. She is Vice President of Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) Spain, an association focused on poverty alleviation policy and practice.