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Dr Rebecca Brown

Research Fellow

Rebecca Brown 

Becky is a postdoctoral research fellow on the ‘Individual Responsibility and Healthcare’ project (PI Julian Savulescu, funded by the Wellcome Trust). Her work considers ethical issues surrounding efforts to promote healthy lifestyles and the extent to which people can – and should – be held responsible for their health-affecting behaviour. As an undergraduate, Becky studied Veterinary Medicine, before switching to History and Philosophy of Science. She undertook a PhD as part of the Wellcome-funded Centre for the Study of Incentives in Health, investigating the use of financial incentives to encourage healthy behaviours. Subsequently, Becky worked as a research fellow in Applied Ethics at the University of Aberdeen, focusing on ethical issues arising in the context of Health Services Research. Becky’s interests cover a range of topics within Practical Ethics, focusing particularly on interdisciplinary work which incorporates empirical research from the Behavioural Sciences into Moral and Political Philosophical theory in order to address practical questions in social policy and public health.