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The Journal of Practical Ethics is an open access journal in moral and political philosophy (and related areas), published twice a year by the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. Freely available. Read online or download here:

Journal of Practical Ethics 3(1), June 2015
Cost Effectiveness Analysis and Fairness, F. M. Kamm, pp 1-14
The Elements of Well-Being, Brad Hooker, pp 15-35
Motives to Assist and Reasons to Assist: the Case of Global Poverty, Simon Keller, pp 37-63 

Journal of Practical Ethics 2(2), December 2014
How Theories of Well-Being Can Help Us Help, Valerie Tiberius, pp 1-19
What can we learn from happiness surveys?, Edward Skidelsky, pp 20-32
Indirect Discrimination Is Not Necessarily Unjust, Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, pp 33-57

Journal of Practical Ethics 2(1), June 2014
Church-State Separation, Healthcare Policy, and Religious Liberty, Robert Audi, pp 1-23
Taking Humour (Ethics) Seriously, But Not Too Seriously, David Benatar, pp 24-43
Only X%: The Problem of Sex Equality, Janet Radcliffe-Richards, pp 44-67

Journal of Practical Ethics 1(2), December 2013
Editorial: Introducing the Journal of Practical Ethics’ Podcast Series, Roger Crisp & Julian Savulescu, pp 1-2
The Morality of Reputation and the Judgment of Others, David S. Oderberg, pp 3-33
Moral Education in the Liberal State, Kyla Ebels-Duggan, pp 34-63
Motives and Markets in Health Care, Daniel Hausman, pp 64-84

Journal of Practical Ethics 1(1), June 2013
Introducing the Journal of Practical Ethics, Roger Crisp & Julian Savulescu, pp 1-2
Associative Duties and the Ethics of Killing in War, Seth Lazar, pp 3-48
Biotechnology, Justice and Health, Ruth Faden & Madison Powers, pp 49-61
Situationism and Agency, Alfred R. Mele & Joshua Shepherd, pp 62-83


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