Recent Media Appearances

2009 Media

  • Clarke, S., (2009), 'Governance and the Yuck Factor', The Philosopher's Zone, ABC Radio National, Radio programme, presented by Alan Saunders (25 July)
  • Douglas, T. (2009), 'The Flip Side of  Scientific Freedom'. UK Parliamentary podcast (August ) 
  • Kahane, G., (2009), 'Interviewed for David Edmonds' 'Philosophy's Great Experiment'', Prospect Magazine, 156, (March)
  • Levy, N., (2009). "Enhanced Brains Say Know to Drugs" The Australian (19 August).
  • Radcliffe Richards, J., (2009), Analysis: Thought Experiments, BBC Radio , 29 June
  • Sandberg, A., (2009), 'Interviewed by Heart FM Radio Oxford About the Future of Oxford.'  (9 December) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   interviewed by Jon Ronson about life extension. (will feature in the programme 'Jon Ronson on...Fear of Flying' on January 5th at 11pm 2010). (3 December) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Interviewed by Lucas Amin for Goldsmiths College Magazine on the philosophy of transhumanism (27 November)
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Audio interview with Marjan Grilj (Slovenian transhumanist association) on brain emulation. (21 November) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Telephone discussion for BBC (Georgina Leslie) about how the internet is changing us. (18 November)
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Interview about memory modification for documentary made by Kayleigh Taylor from Royal Holloway University of London. (6 November)
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Interview with David Edmonds on brain emulation. (20 October) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Interview with Abouali Farmanfarmaian from Maisonneuve magazine (Canada) about transhumanism. (2 October) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Email interview on life extension and neural implants with Joao Vito Cinquepalmi for Brazilian popular science magazine. (30 September) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Video interview with David Orban on the ethics of brain emulation (September 28) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Interviewed by The Future Laboratory for a report to Oracle corporation about the future of computing, “Capitalizing on the digital age” (3 September) alternative link 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Television interview in Nyhetsmorgon TV4 about life extension. (10 July) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Radio interview for Bayerische Rundfunk about internet censorship. (4 September) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Phone interview with Monitor 360 on modeling of complex systems. (6 August)
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Interview by  Joao Cinquepalmi for Superinteressante on the neuropsychology of life extension. (6 July)
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Interview by Emma Young for Cosmos on memory editing   (May)
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Interviewed by Mathilde Weirsøe for "Mere end godt", article in Asterisk (1 May) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Interviewed by Lynda Geddes about military enhancement for New Scientist (20 May) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009), 'Before Memory Science, There Was Science Fiction',  Interview by Brandon Keim for Wired on science fiction about memory editing (10 April ) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009), 'Människan År 2009',  Video interview by Project Cyborg  (27 April)
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Video interview by Waldemar Ingdahl for “99 was our 68” (27 April) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Interview about the future of health, in Hälsa 3.0, IF  (April) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Interview for Wired Italy (23 April) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Interview by Johanna Koljonen for DN about the neuroscience and ethics of Dollhouse. (19 April ) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009), 'The Messy Future of Memory-Editing Drugs',  Interview by Brandon Keim for Wired on memory editing (10 April) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009),   Interviewed by Catherine Mayer for Time Magazine article on Amortality (25 February) 
  • Sandberg, A., (2009), PS! Magazine, Interview with Åsa Bolmstedt on life extension. (16 February)
  • Sandberg, A., (2009), Interview with Annabel Slater (Imperial College) for student radio (15 February)
  • Sandberg, A., (2009), Fredrik Skavlan's show (SVT1), Television interview on life extension on  together with former Swedish Prime Minister, Göran Persson (16 January)
  • Sandberg, A., (2009), South China Morning Post, Interviewed by Yojana Sharma on cognition enhancing drugs (13 January)
  • Savulescu, J. (2009), The Forum. BBC World Service radio programme featuring leading thinkers from disparate fields (29 November)
    Savulescu, J., (2009), Participation in live-radio broadcast discussing ethical issues of vaccination (Swine Flu specifically), Australian Broadcasting Corporation (15 October) 
  • Savulescu, J., (2009), 'Unfit for Life:Genetically Enhance Humanity or Face Extinction',  SlowTV online broadcast of Sydney Festival of Dangerous Ideas presentation (October) 
  • Savulescu, J., (2009), 'In Your Genes',  Insight TV programme, discussing genetic testing
  • Savulescu, J., (2009), 'Gallery:  Weekend Australian Magazine's Next 10',  The Australian  
  • Savulescu, J., (2009), 'Julian Savulescu on 'Fitter, Faster, Future'',  True Tube (educational videos online) videocast on drugs in sport (26 June) 
  • Savulescu, J., (2009), 'Julian Savulescu on 'I want to be a superhero', True Tube (educational videos online) videocast on drugs in sport (26 June)
  • Savulescu, J., (2009), 'Morality in Politics',  Michael Sandel, Reith Lecture BBC Radio 4 Invited Question (16/20 June)
  • Savulescu, J., (2009), 'Where Next for Human Evolution?' MSN News Online (Environment section)
  • Savulescu, J., Bostrom, N. and de Grey, A., (2009), 'The War on Ageing', ABC Unleashed, (17 February)
  • Savulescu, J., (2009), 'Emerging Leaders-Thinking', The Australian, (TBC)
  • Sheehan, M. (2009), 'The Abuse of 'Ethical'', Contribution to Practical Ethics Blog (23 March)   
  • Sheehan, M. (2009), 'Eight Fourteen is enough', Contribution to Practical Ethics Blog (2 February)   
  • Sheehan, M. (2009), 'Why pander to the pandas?', Contribution to Practical Ethics Blog (24 September)   
  • Wilkinson, D., (2009), Caution Urged over fMRI for Life or Death Decisions, The Wellcome Trust. Reports on paper  by Wilkinson D J, Kahane, G., Horne, M. and Savulescu, J.. Functional neuroimaging and withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment from vegetative patients. J Med Ethics 2009;35:508-11) and quotes Dominic Wilkinson (12 August)
  • Wilkinson, D., (2009), Britain to Clarify its Assisted-Suicide Laws. Quoted in article in Time Magazine. (3 August)

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