Book reviews

Book Reviews

Professor Allen Buchanan: Beyond Humanity?: The Ethics of Biomedical Enhancement (2009)

"an important book worth reading independent of one's views about the topic. It is well argued, clearly written, and presents a comprehensive analysis of the relevant key questions in the debate. To my knowledge this volume is the most wide-ranging exploration on human enhancement, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get a good grasp of the current debate. Both camps, bioconservatives and anti-anti-enhancement/pro-enhancement people, will benefit from the arguments Buchanan advances." - Fabrice Jotterand, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

"a remarkable book that argues in favour of biomedical enhancement ... this book is admirable for its rich inventory of new ideas and its unmerciful criticism of the all-too-convenient arguments which abound in the usual ethical literature. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everybody interested in bioethics" - Christoph Henning, Journal of Critical Realism

"A level-headed discussiion of ethical issues raised by prospects of biotechnological enhancement... A great deal of rhetoric is thrown about. What we need, and what the author brings, is clarity, dividing his analysis into eight sections on character, human nature, consequences, justice, potential abuses and the rish of a new eugenics." -


Professor Frances Kamm: Terror, Torture and War (2008)

"This book displays the impressive conceptual sophistication, argumentative rigor and use of imaginary examples characteristic of Kamms philosophical work. It is a valuable addition to the theoretical literature." - Seumas Miller, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

"closely reasoned and difficult, but powerful, indeed dazzling, display of philosophical imagination. It hardly needs saying that this is an important contribution to applied ethics. It is impossible in a review adequately to summarize and begin to assess the rich detail of these essays." - Joseph Boyle, Ethics

"a meticulous, imaginative and often provocative contribution to the ethics of violence ... Kamms analyses of the intricate ethics of the principles of right intention and proportionality in the just war, and of the definitional and moral dimensions of interrogational torture, are no less imaginative and challenging than her reflections on terrorism. Altogether, Ethics for Enemies is a highly important contribution to the literature by a seminal philosopher." - Christopher Finlay, International Affairs


Professor Jeff McMahan: Killing in War (2006)

"McMahan's outstanding and readable book Killing in War.. . should help to quiet non-philosophers who dismiss Anglo-American philosophy for being esoteric and aloof, and philosophers who complain that little is happening in moral and political philosophy... He gives comprehensive arguments; he charitably formulates and conscientiously responds to objections. His conclusions might make many readers uncomfortable, but he arrives at them on the basis of moral considerations that otherwise are not particularly controversial... [The book's] rigor, depth, and humanity are estimable." - Lionel K. McPherson, Mind

"McMahan makes his arguments with the meticulous logical care of analytical philosophy reminiscent of Derek Parfit's path-breaking work, Reasons and Persons. Killing in War is a provocative contribution to contemporary philosophy and military ethics." - Benjamin Mitchell, The Journal of Politics "This is a good book, well-informed, carefully written and full of insight, scholarship and tough argument. It will certainly stimulate extensive debate amongst philosophers." - Tony Coady, Australian Book Review


Professor Tony Coady: Messy Morality:  The Challenge of Politics (2005)

"Those who know Tony Coady's writing will find its customary qualities on display pellucid prose, philosophical intelligence, wit, and a fierce and impatient disdain for those who abuse the privileges of power or the requirements of rational argument... this elegant essay is a worthy addition to the literature" - David Archard, Contemporary Political Theory


Professor Jonathon Glover: Choosing Children: the Ethical Dilemmas of Genetic Intervention (2004)

"Glover's book is informative, argumentative and well structured." - Daniel Loewe Medicine Health Care and Philosophy


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