Uehiro Lectures and Book Series

Uehiro Lecturers

Professor Larry Temkin
Title: Effective Altruism and the Needy (Forthcoming November 2017)

Professor Shelly Kagan
Title: How to Count Animals, More or Less (2016)
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Professor Samuel Scheffler
Title: Why Worry about Future Generations? (2015)
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Professor Christine M. Korsgaard
Title:  Fellow Creatures:  The Moral and Legal Standing of Animals (2014)
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Professor Tim Scanlon
Title: When Does Equality Matter? (2013)
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Professor Janet Radcliffe Richards
Sex in a Shifting Landscape (2012)
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Professor Philip Pettit
Making Good: The Challenge of Robustly Demanding Values (2011)
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Professor Masaki Ichinose
Modes of Responsibility (2010) manuscript in progress
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Professor Allen Buchanan
Beyond Humanity?: The Ethics of Biomedical Enhancement (2009)
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Professor Frances Kamm
Terror, Torture and War (2008)

Professor Peter Singer
Ethics and World Poverty (2007) no book produced for the Uehiro Lecture Series

Professor Jeff McMahan
Killing in War (2006)

Professor Tony Coady
Messy Morality:  The Challenge of Politics (2005)

Professor Jonathan Glover
Choosing Children: the Ethical Dilemmas of Genetic Intervention (2004)

About the Series

The annual public Uehiro Lecture Series captures the ethos of the Uehiro Centre, which is to bring the best scholarship in analytic philosophy to bear on the most significant problems of our time, and to make progress in the analysis and resolution of these issues to the highest academic standard, in a manner that is also accessible to the general public. Philosophy should not only create knowledge, it should make people’s lives better.

In keeping with this, the Annual Uehiro Lectures are published as a book series by Oxford University Press and we are pleased to announce the recent publication of the latest in the series by 2010 Uehiro Lecturer, Professor Allen Buchanan. The book of his Lecture Series, titled ‘Beyond Humanity?: The Ethics of Biomedical Enhancement’, explores critical ethical issues concerning human enhancement and raises urgent questions about what sort of society we should strive to have. This book will become essential reading in the field. As James B. Duke Professor at Duke University, Buchanan conducts research in political philosophy, with a focus on international issues, and in bioethics, with a particular focus on the ethics of genetic interventions with human beings.

The latest publication in The Uehiro Lecture Series is Philip Pettit's 'The Robust Demands of the Good' (2015).  February 2011 saw the release of a paperback edition of Professor Jeff McMahan’s ‘Killing in War’ (Uehiro Lecture Series 2006). Professor Tony Coady’s book ‘Messy Morality: The Challenge of Politics’ (Uehiro Lecture Series 2005) was also released in paperback in September 2010 (both originally published in hardback). Another new book in the series— Professor Frances Kamm’s ‘Terror, Torture and War’—was published in May 2011, and Professor Masaki Ichinose is making great progress in completing the full manuscript for the publication of his recent Uehiro Lecture Series.


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